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That's how much Germans earn on average - are you above that?


The figures from the Federal Statistical Office show how high the average salary in Germany was in 2019 - and what differences there are between occupations and sectors.

The figures from the Federal Statistical Office show how high the average salary in Germany was in 2019 - and what differences there are between occupations and sectors.

  • A full-time employee grossed an average of € 3,994 in 2019.
  • Doctors are particularly well paid among academics .
  • Air traffic controllers are among the top earners among non-academics .

That's the average salary in Germany

What is the average salary in this country ? This question is particularly interesting when you compare different professions and incomes *.

Here are the bare figures: According to a report by, a full-time employee * in Germany earned an average of € 3,994 gross per month last year . This is shown by figures from the Federal Statistical Office. For comparison: in 2018 the value was 3,880 euros, in 2008 3,103 euros. Special payments such as holiday or Christmas bonus are not included.

"However, around two thirds of the German monthly salary *, which is below the gross gross average of EUR 3,994," values ​​ Only about a third get more than this value *. This is due to the fact that this group has such high earnings that it almost pulls the average for all employees up.

According to the job portal Stepstone, a specialist in Germany also earns an average of 58,800 euros gross per year, as reports. The basis is 128,000 salaries, which were collected from October 2018 to October 2019 - payments such as bonuses and commissions included.

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Salaries in comparison: These occupational groups earn the most

According to Stepstone's analysis, doctors are the  best-earning academics - with a gross salary of 92,300 euros a year, reports Followed by the second best paid on the academic group of financial advisors , controllers and other financial experts - they come according to the report to an average of 76,400 euros a year. The lawyers followed in third place, with an average salary of 70,000 euros.

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Apprenticeships: Air traffic controllers are comparatively well paid

How can studying affect salary *? According to the Federal Statistical Office, academics had a gross hourly wage of on average over 27 euros in 2014, employees with completed vocational training only around 16 euros. But even in apprenticeships there are "sometimes top salaries": Airline controllers are among the top earners among non-academics, who according to the Federal Employment Agency can earn gross between 6,400 and 8,900 euros per month.

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These are the salaries in the various industries

The industry also plays a role in the amount of the salary. For comparison: According to the Federal Statistical Office, full-time workers in the field of energy supply earned the best with gross monthly earnings of 5,137 euros (without special payments). According to the comparison, the least was in the hospitality industry with € 2,451. The Federal Statistical Office (as of March 25, 2020) has published a table with the respective gross earnings for the fourth quarter of 2019 for all industries

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