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Growing fruit and vegetables: You don't need a garden for this - the balcony is enough


Home-grown peppers, tomatoes and strawberries - delicious! This works almost as well on your own balcony as in the garden. This is how the domestic harvest works.

Home-grown peppers, tomatoes and strawberries - delicious! This works almost as well on your own balcony as in the garden. This is how the domestic harvest works.

  • Home- grown fruit and vegetables - delicious!
  • This is also possible without a large garden .
  • With these tips , city plants can grow their own fruits and vegetables on the balcony .

Dortmund - Fresh fruit and vegetables from the supermarket is nice, but there is probably nothing like fruit and vegetables from our own cultivation! The great thing about it: You don't even need your own garden to grow tomatoes , peppers and much more at home . The small city ​​balcony is completely sufficient, reports *

Growing fruit and vegetables on the balcony: Little yield - but a lot of joy

However , if you are already preparing the flower pots for tomatoes or cucumbers , you should be warned: The yield cannot be compared to the professional fruit and vegetable cultivation . In purely economic terms, effort is certainly not worthwhile in comparison to the yield. But the joy weighs even more heavily over your own strawberries from the balcony .

However, to make sure that this project is really enjoyable and that there are no boundless disappointments about missing harvests or stunted fruit , some tips for growing on the balcony should be heeded.


Strawberries also feel good on the balcony.

© Patrick Seeger / dpa

Mini-sized fruits and vegetables for the balcony

Many traditional vegetables are now available in mini format , so they are ideal for the balcony and do not take up too much space: balcony tomatoes , mini eggplants or very classic strawberries look great on the balcony . But other types of vegetables and fruits can also be planted on the balcony :

  • Cucumbers
  • paprika
  • salad
  • spinach
  • Lemons
  • Raspberries
  • Peaches

Balcony: Even exotic plants can feel comfortable here

Even watermelons or sugar melons can be grown on the balcony at home . The problem with exotic enjoyment: the plants need a lot of space and a lot of water , as the Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

Miniature fruit trees that carry apples , pears or peaches are more for garden professionals . In addition, the plants feel more comfortable on a terrace , as it can get very hot on the balcony through the house walls (more service articles on *

Plant fruits and vegetables on the balcony: it depends on the direction

North or south - that is the question. Fruit and vegetables do not grow equally well everywhere. Because not every plant can stand a sunny south-facing balcony , while others grow in the shade of the north

Aubergines , zucchini , peppers and melons can take a lot of sun. But some plants also thrive in the shade : herbs such as mint , chives and parsley feel just as good as lettuce or wild garlic .

The balcony gives us a small oasis in the middle of the city: colorful flowers, herbs and even vegetables can find space on the smallest balcony

- nabu_de (@NABU_de) April 17, 2019

Balcony: These plants are suitable for beginners

If you have never planted anything that survived, you should start with the following beginner plants :

  • Radishes : can be sown between April and September and the first fruits can be harvested after around four weeks.
  • Picking lettuce : Corn salad, arugula or Lollo Rosso also feel good on the balcony. Green friends can be sown between March and August.
  • Carrots : Carrots should be planted between late February and early June. It is important to keep a distance between the plants.
  • Blackberries : They are fairly easy to care for and undemanding. The black fruits are ripe at the end of July.

Fruit and vegetables on the balcony: the plants need space

Suitable planters are important for successful harvesting . Vegetables such as carrots must be able to root deep enough, so the containers should be at least 40 centimeters high.

To waterlogging avoid, should pot with drain hole can be selected. Particularly committed balcony gardeners can even build their own raised beds . There are even special potato pots for domestic potato growers . They make it easy to harvest the tasty tuber (this is how potatoes are stored properly). *

Video: The "hanging garden" for at home

Many plants that can be harvested in summer usually do not survive winter . That is why city gardeners should replace them with heather plants or grasses in autumn / winter , advises the Süddeutsche Zeitung .

Strawberries, on the other hand, survive the winter and will bear fruit again next year. In contrast to large fruit trees, dwarf fruit trees do not have to be cut back. They just lose their leaves. May

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