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Boccia, the health passport is against the Constitution


The minister: 'In Lombardy there has been a massacre, in the rest of Italy undramma ...' Zaia: 'I hope we can travel from June 3rd'. Solinas: 'Useless centralist litany'. Toti: 'contagion index R (t) in Liguria between 0.41-0.58' (ANSA)

 " Health passport ? Reread article 120 of the Constitution: a Region cannot adopt measures that hinder the free movement of people. And then if scientists say that there are no health passports, there are no". This was stated by Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia at the hearing of the Federal Tax Commission of the Chamber. "In the next few days, with the last click that will bring the country to move again, there must also be common sense. If all the regions share without distinction on the profile of the citizens of each region, the distinction between citizens of one city compared to the other does not it is expected, if we are healthy we move. It is different to foresee a quarantine phase, but we are not in that condition. And even in that case, an agreement between the parties is needed, "adds Boccia.

"The Lombard provinces of Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona, Lodi and that of Piacenza in Emilia Romagna" experienced a massacre , the rest of the country a drama. I would not compare those provinces to the rest of Italy, "continues the minister talking about possible financial measures to support the economy of those areas. 

" Commissioning Lombard health care ? Never been on the agenda and there are no elements to evaluate a measure of this nature," says Boccia.

"The monitoring system works well, it has been shared with all the Regions, every week it gives us the thermometer of the pandemic, it is not a judgment, a report card, there are no votes, it is the attempt to turn on lights if there is a small outbreak and if health resilience is not full, "he notes. "The monitoring includes 21 different indicators that make up an algorithm shared by technicians from the ministry and the Regions - he underlines - I am sorry for the controversy with Umbria, which then came out (from the attention span). The evaluation must not affect the restart of the regions, which has already happened and will continue next week to recover our whole country ". "The data (on contagion in the regions, ed.) Will arrive at the Ministry of Health by tomorrow and evaluations will be made in a rigorous, secular way, starting from the assumption that the protection of health and life is the top priority and the defense and revitalization of the economy and jobs is the top priority. " says the minister during his hearing.

SARDINIA -   "From Minister Boccia we would not have expected the useless neocentralist litany that wants to reaffirm a domineering supremacy of the State over the Regions in the architecture of the Republic as defined by the new title V". So the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas comments on the minister's statements on the unconstitutionality of the health passport. "A few days from June 3, we would have expected a clear solution proposal from the Minister on reopening between Regions".

IL VENETO -  " I hope we can travel from June 3rd. Now there are epidemiological conditions and the health situation is calm , I support because all regions can open and there is free movement". This was stated by the Venetian president Luca Zaia, interviewed in "Mattino Cinque". "It is difficult to imagine - Zaia pointed out - that the virus stops in Sirmione and does not go to Peschiera, which is our border with Lombardy. I think it is reasonable to think that everyone should be open, in compliance with the guidelines, in the respect for the indicators that will be given to us by the ISS. Responsibility first of all ". At the continental level Zaia hoped that "there will be a minimum of coordination and a 'health Schengen' will be created, given that we are witnessing debates on privileged corridors with respect to some realities," he concluded.

LA LIGURIA - "The data of the Ministry of Health show a positive trend in Liguria for all the indicators of the coronavirus epidemic. It is the result of the monitoring of phase 2. The R (t), the contagion index, is included between 0.41 and 0.58, well below the alarm threshold ". This is the update on the Covid-19 contagion index in Liguria illustrated by the President of the Region Giovanni Toti on the eve of the possible reopening of the regional borders. "The data of the Ministry tell us that for all the indicators there are no alarms. The indicators that evaluate the quality of monitoring, the circulation and the pressure on the regional health system are excellent. These are the facts. We leave the alarmism to others, terrorism, gufate and political typhus that blinds you to the point of hoping that things will go wrong. Here we have left safely, and we will go on like this, without lowering our guard! Come on, Ligurian, we can do it! ".

Source: ansa

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