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Serious defects in the Golf 8: VW stops delivery - massive recall threatens


VW threatens a massive recall: The new Golf 8 has been found to have serious defects. The auto company has stopped delivery.

VW threatens a massive recall: The new Golf 8 has been found to have serious defects. The auto company has stopped delivery.

  • The largest German industrial company VW is facing a recall * of its new Golf 8
  • Software problems with the Golf 8 lead to the emergency assistant not working 
  • Whether other models and subsidiaries of VW are affected is currently being examined

Update from Friday, May 29th, 2020, at 2:55 p.m .: VW apparently has to struggle with even more problems in the production of the new Golf 8 than previously thought. After the debacle with the faulty emergency call assistant eCall , internal investigations by Volkswagen recently uncovered many production problems that make a recall more and more likely. 

The Business Insider has VW documents in place to prove that only every third Golf 8 is currently rolling off the assembly line without errors. On March 10, 2020, only 39.2 percent of all Golf 8 new vehicles are said to have passed VW's internal quality control. VW usually expects 650 errors in 1500 cars. In the Golf 8 production cycle, however, more than 2000 errors are said to have been registered by quality control after the final assembly. But that's not all. 

VW threatens to recall the Golf 8: software errors are piling up

The underground values ​​are said to be caused primarily by software errors. Apparently, the VW engineers have problems fixing all the errors on the cars. In many cases, employees are said to have simply disconnected the battery in the hope that the software will function properly after the restart, reports Business Insider. 

VW management is apparently blamed internally . Due to the focus on electromobility, it should not provide sufficient capacity for the development of the Golf 8. 

All of these problems make it more likely that the Golf 8 will be recalled soon - if not because of the emergency call assistant eCall, then because of another software problem.

VW threatens a recall: delivery stopped

Original message from Monday, May 18th, 2020, at 9:06 am: Kassel - The German carmaker VW has to prepare for a call back for its new Golf 8 . Deliveries for the new Golf 8 were stopped by VW on Thursday (14.05.2020) for the time being . Since then, no new cars in the series have been delivered to end customers. The Golf production goes according to the VW group anyway. But the finished new cars stay in the warehouse for now.

VW threatens recall of the Golf 8 - these are the reasons

The impending recall at the VW group is caused by software problems. The Golf 8  affects the electronic emergency assistant eCall. According to VW , reliable data transmission on the control unit cannot be guaranteed.

According to the largest German industrial group, the problem was identified during internal tests in the VW group. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has not yet made a decision about a possible recall . However, this is expected in the next few days after the provisional stop of deliveries. To fix the problem with Golf 8 models , a software update might be enough. It remains to be seen whether this will be ordered.


VW threatens a massive recall: The new Golf 8 has been found to have serious defects. The auto group has already stopped delivery.

© Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

VW: A possible recall of the Golf 8 would affect thousands of customers

On Friday, May 15th, 2020, it became known from corporate circles that at least 30,000 brands of the new Golf 8 are affected by the software problems and that a callback * may be pending.

The new Golf 8  of VW -Konzerns has hoped for more teething problems than the automaker from Wolfsburg. In 2019, 100,000 vehicles of the Golf 8 series should actually already be produced at the Wolfsburg site . In the end, however, just under 8,400 pieces of the new model were completed. The VW group's employee representatives also received harsh criticism in the past week.

#Fault alarms caused by the automatic #vehicle - # emergency call system #eCall caused problems for the #fire brigade Schmallenberg (NW): [4175]

- Feuerwehr-Magazin (@feuerwehrmag) March 7, 2019

VW: That's why the new Golf 8 is likely to be recalled

A spokesman for the company VW pointed out that it has been mandatory in the EU to install such an emergency call facility since 2018. According to the editors, this makes a recall of the new Golf 8  more likely. According to the EU regulation of March 31, 2018, new car models in the European Union must be equipped with the eCall early warning system.

In the event of a serious accident, the operator is able to independently notify the European emergency number 112. According to the regulation, the system, which is also installed in the new Golf 8 model , must also be able to be triggered manually.

VW: Not only the Golf 8 is affected by a possible recall

Not only VW has  stopped delivery of its Golf 8 , car maker Skoda is not currently delivering its Octavia model. Since the model of the Czech sister brand of the VW group has a similar structure, it is likely that some vehicles could malfunction here as well. A recall could also be likely here.

The basic structure of the Golf 8  is similar to the Octavia, the Seat Leon and the new variant of the Audi A3. It is currently being investigated whether there are software problems with the two models.

Recall at VW: BMW has also recently had to recall some of its cars

This month, May, BMW and Toyota vehicles were already affected by a recall. It remains to be seen whether the VW Golf-8 will go this far.

But not only in the automotive industry there have been recalls recently . Such a recall * also affected a disinfectant.

The Zötler brewery starts recalling popular beer. With this the wrong one * can burst.

There is another recall from VW: The older models of the VW Golf and VW Passat can trigger the airbag incorrectly. The car company is calling back the affected vehicles. 

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

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