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"Strawberry legs" after shaving: dermatologist reveals what really helps against the points on the legs


Small dark spots on the legs after shaving - a phenomenon that many women struggle with. Is it the blades? Or a frequent shave? We give answers.

Small dark spots on the legs after shaving - a phenomenon that many women struggle with. Is it the blades? Or a frequent shave? We give answers.

  • The Americans call them "Strawberry Legs", which means "strawberry legs".
  • A good picture for the small red or dark spots that can be seen on the skin at regular intervals like the seeds on a strawberry and above all one thing: disturbing the wearer.
  • A dermatologist explains how the spots appear and what you can do about them.

Inflammation of the skin: how "strawberry legs" develop

The portal Elle asked Dr. Miriam Rehbein, dermatologist in Munich: "Basically it is ( Editor's note .:.. In the dot ) is a kind of keratosis pilaris (keratosis pilaris). The little inflammation of the hair follicles and calluses see in total like a ' Strawberry skin ' ". Especially women with heavy leg hair and dark hair are particularly at risk, according to the dermatologist.

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Keratosis Pilaris aka Strawberry Legs: ****** In Spa, Treatment coming soon !!! How to care for Strawberry legs at home:: Exfoliation helps to rid the skin of dead skin cells thus helping to unclog the skin pores. You can either use an over the counter chemical exfoliants with glycolic acid, salicylic acid or lactic acid as the active ingredient to treat strawberry legs or opt for laser hair removal. Shaving properly goes a long way to prevent strawberry legs: 1) Soak your legs in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes to help soften the skin and open up the pores which then helps to draw out the impurities trapped inside the pores. Use clean, sharp razor blades. It is advisable to use razors ONCE. 2) After applying the shaving cream (an aloe vera & or oatmeal based product is advisable), shave in the direction of hair growth without applying too much pressure or passing the blade over the same area for too long. 3) After shaving your legs, splash the work area with cold water, then finish off by applying an aftershave cream or a moisturizing lotion. 4) Never use soap in the place of shaving cream as it tends to make the razor less efficient. - - Cc: @brownskinderm - #skinofcolor #healthyskin #dermatology #derm #darkskin #brownskingirls #melaninpoppin #melaninbeauty #melaninbeauties #skinofcolordermatologist #brownskinderm #blackgirlsrock #beautysecretes #pihp #beautyakebrownblackblackblackblack # nubian #salicylicacid #exfoliating # strawberrylegs # charlottespa # charlottemedspa

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The unsightly spots arise when the openings in the skin from which the hair grows (hair follicles) are irritated by shaving. If they then no longer close after shaving, the risk of them igniting due to the penetration of foreign substances increases. "Sebum and oil residues in the pores can also cause the bacteria to turn black," says Rehbein. But not only shaving, even tight clothing can irritate the hair follicles and lead to "strawberry legs" .

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Peeling and fresh blades: what helps against dark spots

They are not painful and not dangerous, but some people want to do something about the unsightly spots. With the following tips from dermatologist Rehbein, the points on the legs should be a thing of the past:

  • Regular peels : To prevent clogged pores on the legs, Rehbein recommends a gentle peel. This would also remove dirt or sebum, which favor the formation of dark spots.
  • Use toner : Clarifying facial toner with salicylic acid removes keratinized areas and dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. "Simply put the toner on a cotton pad and rub off your legs with it - that works little miracles," recommends dermatologist Rehbein at "Strawberry Legs".
  • Fresh blades : The key to shaving is a good razor and a sharp blade. Old blades that may have already rusted should be disposed of immediately. The reason: old, blunt blades favor inflammation and ingrown hairs.

Survey on the subject

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