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Prof. Gamzo: "The rise in morbidity loses control and direction" Israel today


Following the rise in the number of new patients per day, Ichilov Hospital manager warns: "We will not be able to withstand 1,107 infections over time" | Health

Following the rise in the number of new patients per day, the Ichilov hospital manager warns: "We will not be able to withstand 1,107 infections over time" • He also has tips for improving the situation

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"We will not be able to withstand 1,107 infections per day": Ichilov Hospital Manager Prof. Roni Gamzo posted a poignant Facebook post on Friday following the significant increase in daily corona infections. In a post by Prof. Gamzo, he expressed concern over the possibility that the amount of patients would continue to grow due to contempt for some Israelis - and suggested a series of steps that should be taken immediately to resolve the crisis.

"Yesterday evening, on my way to my home, an elderly person's elevator joined me. He did not wear a mask and before I could say a word, the elevator door closed. I examined him as a doctor: Obviously he has background illnesses, certainly heart failure." In the Corona era, this is a real life risk, "he wrote. Manager Ichilov through the hospital's Facebook page. "This is when the increase in morbidity - part of the cost of opening the economy and returning a million unemployed to work, loses control and direction."

He added: "I have said often - moderate daily morbidity of 200-100, even 300 patients - mostly young, is a reasonable price for the return of the economy and normalization, even when it seemed too fast and not enough. I saw the unemployed and the business collapsed and dismayed From the damage done and will continue to be inflicted.

"But in 1,107 people per day, we can't stand for a decade when one-tenth or more of them are 60+. It's not the cut off forecast of 'thousands of breaths', but the realities of hundreds of mediocre-hard ones - in about a month and even if 'only' about a third of them are breathtaking It's still 'heavy'.

"The amount of daily contagion will continue to increase as well; I did not expect it because it is built on the same non-compliant, disintegrating segment that disdainfully denies the Corona. I have underestimated this portion of the population - in retrospect, it is larger and mostly growing - and it worries me a lot ".

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According to Professor Gamzo, "Widespread Ceasefire Weapon is not a solution to the Corona crisis. Local closures are also a 'solution' that I doubt is applicable and effective."

At this point, Prof. Gamzo began to elaborate on the four directions he thought needed to be taken as soon as possible to stop the Corona. The first move is a renewed restriction on crowds. "Angry but necessary," Gamzo wrote. "Right now, this is the solution of the minority of the bad, in the balance between safeguarding the economy and reducing the pollution. I support the government's steps and think they need to be expanded in this context. All of us, including the heads of local authorities, must cooperate."

The second step: improving supervision and enforcement. "They will say what the government, police and local government inspectors say is not noticeable and uninhabitable," Prof. Gamzo argued. "I would set up an extensive enforcement force, which incorporates tasks for the police and the local authority. Let's learn from the European bribery and enforcement in this regard."

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According to the manager of Ichilov, the next step is "improving the response to a suspicious and verified person." In the post, Gamzo wrote: "The procedure is still split between hospital and checkups; investigations (insufficient) in the Ministry of Health, police isolation control and I know it is not 'tight'.

Finally, the Coronation Information Line should be changed. "There is a lack of public confidence because of the intimidation campaign in the first round," Gamzo added. "The vacuum of discourse is filled with nonsense, fake news, and anarchist manipulations; I know this from the 2013 folio. The discourse of guidance and explanation must be changed at eye level about the medical logic behind the guidelines and without the dread of no longer working."

In the post, he wrote: "This morning I am on my way to Ichilov, to run the Corona headquarters, to open the Second Corona Department, to open an internal ward that returns from isolation this weekend and to attend to all the usual medical service day events. We at Ichilov will continue to do our best in the event. This is in moderation and discretion. "

Source: israelhayom

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