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Phase ups and downs: how is the coronavirus quarantine map in the Province


This Monday 9 municipalities had to lift the restrictions, while another 7 were able to give more flexibility to their inhabitants.

Fabian Debesa

07/06/2020 - 16:30

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Up and down. The Buenosairean municipalities move to the rhythm of the contagions of coronavirus. In an update on the situation of the 135 districts carried out this Monday by the Chief of Cabinet of the Province, 9 communes had to lower the status of their quarantines -that is, make them more restrictive- and seven managed to improve epidemiological indicators and were able to increase phase .

They are interior jurisdictions, the majority, with less than 20 thousand inhabitants who are in (or moved towards) stages 3, 4 or 5 of compulsory social isolation. There is a hard core of cities, which includes 35 parties located in the metropolitan area that remain in strict confinement: Greater Buenos Aires will not be able to move from step to step until at least July 17 because it is included in the decree of necessity and urgency set the rigid quarantine that began on July 1 last.

The decision is based on data: the conurbano concentrates more than 95% of the total affected in the provincial territory, which is already above 40 thousand since the pandemic began. It is in this hyperconcentrated region that occupies just 3% of the territory but is inhabited by 13 million people where the level of occupation of intensive care beds is at 57.7% ; where there are at least six cities where that indicator is above 75% and where there are 21 health facilities that can no longer receive more intensive care patients .

Coronavirus in Buenos Aires
What phase is each municipality in

Phase 1: DNU 576/2020
Phase 3: With local circulation
Phase 4: With cases in the last 21 days
Phase 5: Without cases in the last 21 days

Source: Ministry of Health of the Province of Bs.As. Infographic: Clarín

It is there, as we say, where the stage of social confinement cannot be modified.

But towards the vast and flat interior of Buenos Aires, the mayors can make movements to the rhythm of the number of infections: when they yield, they rise. Conversely, when new plague positives appear, they go backwards.

Some examples: Dolores , 210 kilometers from the capital of Buenos Aires, lying on Highway 2, had to go down two speeds. They will return to phase 3 –as reported by the province- after an unexpected outbreak of infections occurred : this Saturday, 19 cases were confirmed, in addition to the 11 that occurred in the previous two days. And now 5 more appeared. Total 35 confirmed coronaviruses. Until Wednesday 1st they had 0 cases.

Castelli , a neighbor to that town, also had to move to the third period of confinement. In this case, for a matter of epidemiological strategy : too close to an active focus to keep circulation open. They also had to take steps backwards due to recent findings Hipólito Yrigoyen and Suipacha . It involves re- closing non-essential stores and restrictions on recreational outings . In addition, a decrease in permits for professional activities or trades. For the specialists who define these movements, they are populations that "have community circulation of the virus."

Balcarce, Benito Juárez (who had a “record” for their good results at ASPO), Punta Indio, Chascomús and Roque Pérez will emerge from the “new normal” that their stay at point 5 meant, also known as “social distancing” , to return to point 4 .

Olavarría, Baradero and San Pedro also went there , but in this case it determines a rise for its inhabitants who were in the third period due to recent infections. By definition, this category is reserved for those cities that belong to the interior of the province and that had some confirmed in the last three weeks.

Finally, Pinamar, Coronel Rosales, Colón and San Andrés de Giles reach the highest possible level so far -that is, the one with the least restrictions- because they have already passed 21 days without infection and because they are not part of the AMBA.

In this way, the Buenos Aires map, painted with four colors, is distributed as follows: 35 districts in the category "Decree 576" (that is, the Conurbano with XXL quarantine) ; 69 municipalities located in the "new normal" (phase 5); 22 in phase 4 and nine in interval number 3.

It's a photo from today. Everything can vary from the vagaries of the virus and its consequences.

La Plata. Correspondent.

What is Coronavirus? How is it spread and what are its symptoms?

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