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Today's horoscope, July 12, 2020, of all the zodiac signs


Check your horoscope for today, Sunday, July 12. What do the stars have in store for you today? Predictions by sign by Astrologer Silvia Rioja

In today's horoscope, Sunday July 12, Mercury begins its direct path by improving communications, solving documentation losses and problems in your bank balances. Starting today, you can relax.


Today Mercury, a planet well known for the confusion and delays it brings when it is retrograde, begins its direct path after twenty days of retrogradation. You will feel this influence in family communications, since they will flow in a good way and you will be able to understand yourself better with them. 

With this change, the home situations that have caused you so much stress will become clearer until they disappear. 

In addition, you will notice that everything is optimized if you had internet problems at home, lost documentation or if you were about to move, buy or sell a property and you could not specify it.

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Mercury, a planet related to ideas, what you write and transmit, was retrograde for the last 20 days, but today its direct path begins. 

You will feel this right away because your mind will be more agile and you will be able to plan clearly and precisely. You will also take advantage of the conversations you have, you will notice that you recover your ability to express yourself and you will make yourself understood correctly. 

This movement of the mentioned planet will allow you to organize your agenda with the security of not going through delays. The work meetings will be successful and you will have the necessary mental flexibility for any type of negotiation.

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In the last twenty days, you have gone through several complications in your economy that prevented your purchasing growth. This was due to the retrogradation of Mercury in this sector of your horoscope. But today it begins its direct path and will stay in this direction for the next three months. 

You will notice that everything flows better, but even better will your money and your purchasing power. With this influence, you will be able to carry out banking operations without complications and that they are correctly registered, as well as opening new accounts. 

You can also request a salary increase or sign new employment contracts without inconvenience or delay.

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In the last twenty days, Mercury, the planet associated with the way you express yourself, was retrograde while passing by your sign. 

With this influence, you felt confused, both with your thoughts and with your feelings. Your argumentation power was hampered and you had doubts in your decisions. But today it begins its direct path so that you recover your power of conviction and you can focus more on the topics that interest you. 

In addition, you will notice that in the moments when you have to give some kind of explanation, it will be very easy for everyone to understand you. This will be important to you because it makes you feel more content and understood by those around you.

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For twenty days, Mercury has been retrograde by the Cancer sign. At the same time, it activated the karma area of ​​your horoscope that you bring from past lives, this being also the place where you take refuge when you need to be away from everyday problems.  

This influence may have motivated you to regress and research psychology and how to meditate. Today the planet in question begins its direct path and you will feel that your mind is clearer with what has been found and that you are ready to share it with your friends. 

In addition, you will notice that your ability to deal with more complicated topics has increased because you already understand what happens in the internal world of people.

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Mercury, a planet related to meetings, appointments and meetings, has been retrograde in the last three weeks. This could generate delays, cancellations and mistakes in appointments because they are the problems caused by this retrogradation. 

But also, in the aforementioned time, you have generated new projects and ideas that today you can already expose to your friends and your work group thanks to the fact that Mercury begins its direct path. Also, everything postponed and canceled will be solved or resumed normally. 

In this way, you will begin to organize your week with a different spirit and knowing that everything will flow better. Take advantage and make the necessary arrangements to expose your projects.

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During the last twenty days, Mercury, the planet that represents your thoughts and communications, has been retrograding in the area of ​​projects and goals that you have in your profession and work. 

With this influence, all your attention was focused on solving the problems that you could not solve as you wanted. But today the aforementioned planet begins its direct path and you can clarify the confusions and misunderstandings that there were, as well as correct the errors and even forgetfulness that have slightly damaged the image that you had as a professional. 

Put your mind in order and tomorrow you can start your repair process.

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Today will be a good day for you, since Mercury will start its direct path. You will feel this in that it will be very easy for you to get out of negative and stagnant thoughts. 

In addition, very positive ideas will arise in your mind through which you will be solving any problem that comes your way. You will also notice that you recover your natural intuition and that again you will be able to sense what people will tell you. 

In this way, you will take advantage of those conversations again by anticipating what they say. In this order of ideas, you will be able to see the problems from another perspective with various possibilities of solution and make the best decision to go in the right direction.

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Starting today, Mercury, the planet in charge of communication and procedures, begins its direct path after having been retrograde in the last 20 days. 

During this time, you could have gone through complications in the businesses in which you have partners, in the payments of your taxes and insurances, and have been handicapped when you wanted to collect what was owed you. With the change of direction of the mentioned planet, you will see that everything will flow better. 

Take advantage of this to organize your agenda, so from tomorrow you can call your meetings for the signing of agreements and also fix your taxes.

As for the debts, it will be easier for you to collect them. Arrange your appointment with that person and have the ritual so that they are paid as soon as possible.

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You are a sign that belongs to the earth element; therefore, your practical and unemotional side, both in business and in your relationships. However, due to Mercury's retrogradation of the past twenty days, you may have been distressed by emotional misunderstandings and misunderstandings. 

You could also have been totally disconnected, since such an event directly affects couple relationships. But today the aforementioned planet begins its direct path, causing it to be time to clarify situations and end with discussions. 

In addition, you will notice that others can understand you when you express yourself and you can support each other together to resolve differences.

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Mercury has been retrograde for the past twenty days in your horoscope work area. In this time, you could have gone through situations full of complications with bosses, delays in your return to work or saw that they did not carry the e-mails that you had sent. 

But today the mentioned planet begins its direct path and you will notice that everything will return to its course. You will establish yourself in the work environment with more seriousness by speaking calmly and, in addition, those around you will be able to correctly interpret what you mean. 

This will allow you to reach good understandings with superiors.

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Mercury was retrograde for the last twenty days in the area of ​​love and romance in your horoscope. With this influence, surely, some love from the past made its reappearance generating confusion in your feelings and emotions. 

Therefore, you will have had to start reviewing and evaluating whether or not it was convenient to return with that person. But today, the planet in question begins its direct path and, with this change of direction, you will feel a relief because your head and your heart will agree to make the decision. 

Of all this, the most important thing is that you have understood that your priority is to be happy and that you should not put it off.

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