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Roy Boy: This time Sheaming is justified Israel today


Without high expectations from the children's stars, Nir Wolf watched "Going on an Adventure" and next time he will watch at least | TV

The schedule is still full of Roy Boy's shows • Without high expectations from our children's stars, Nir Wolf watched an episode of "Going on an Adventure" and next time he will watch at least

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Oh Roy: Roy Boy's 15 minutes of fame, which were and are over, are the complete opposite of anything a child star wants for himself to be recognized in every home in the country. Since we won a dry news day yesterday (Sunday), the racist video starring Roy Boy has become the hottest potato on current affairs shows, even though it's a video from five years ago.

• Watched in demonstration: "Roy Boy" on horse

• "Roy Boy" who shot the racist video

On the one hand, everyone took care to condemn the video in which Mr. Boy offers his children to "feed a Bedouin," and yet this did not stop any of the editors of the various programs from thinking that it might not be necessary to screen it over and over again every hour. But this time everyone seemed to want to participate in the stoning, and the public shaming was so intense that Roy Boy (Roy Oz) was forced to release two different apologies within a day.

He has already received the cap. The Junior Channel was quick to shake it off and immediately announced a freeze on filming for Oz's new children's series, which was scheduled to begin this week. "Conduct of this kind is not acceptable in any way," announced the channel, which presents itself as one that broadcasts "a high level of content and quality programs and broadens horizons for children aged 7-3."

And we did not ask too much of the children's stars. They do not have to be sophisticated or talented or creative, but only maintain basic values. Is Roy Boy the one you would like to educate your toddler children? Because right now he's still on screen. All of its content is available for viewing on VOD and the broadcast schedule is blown up in its programs. Last night, for example, an episode of the second season of "Roy Boy, Going on an Adventure" aired in Junior.

• All the confused child stars

Even within the children's genre, this episode felt weird, a kind of hallucination, but it shouldn’t surprise anyone. As you probably won’t be surprised to find out that four years ago Roy Boy was questioned by police after threatening with a gun to boys who were making noise in the garden near his home.

So a mad professor sent Roy Boy in a spaceship to the island of Cuba. This is how the chapter opens. He landed under a blanket of smoke in the jungle, met in the forest a man disguised as a woman named Shula, who arranged for him a blue boat that was generally a kayak, in which Roy rowed along a stream of murky water. "The river is full of piranhas. As soon as I put my hand in the water, only bones will come out," he stressed as he rowed his little scouts with false information. So which of you kids wants to feed piranhas?

He then confronted "one of the most venomous snakes in the world," chased after a missing green iguana, complained about the mosquitoes and snatched a bite with his right hand from a lizard walking on the water. And if this is supposed to be the Israeli Tarzan, it probably went on us.

And suddenly the aforementioned esoteric children's artist suddenly became a symbol of "The Ugly Israeli." To lower the public supremacy, Amnon Levy replied: "It is an ugly thing to do, but what to do that it was really one of the more repulsive videos I have seen. The most repulsive. "

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Roy Boy will not be the knight on the white horse, and it is doubtful he will be able to recover from it. Since he is the one who filmed and also allegedly distributed the video in question, then Sheaming is even more than justified. The current world order does not leave too much room for maneuver in such situations, and it does not matter if you are Mel Gibson or a cowboy from Hod Hasharon whose urine has risen to his head.

"Roy Boy, Going on an Adventure" 2, Episode 1 (Junior, 7:15 p.m.)

Source: israelhayom

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