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Did Alyssa Milano fake that she fell ill in Corona? | Israel today


The actress claimed to have received a negative response to the virus three times, until they finally confirmed she was ill | global

The actress claimed in an Instagram post that she received a negative answer to the virus three times, until antibodies were finally discovered in the blood that confirmed that she was ill • "She is faking", claimed a surfer

Actress Alyssa Milano posted a long and loaded post to her Instagram last Thursday, in which she claimed that the corona examination system in the US is defective and the numbers of patients are much higher than the famous ones.

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A post shared by Alyssa Milano (@milano_alyssa) on Aug 5, 2020 at 12:42 pm PDT

In the photo she uploaded, Milan (47) is seen lying in bed with an oxygen mask on her face. The text that accompanied the photo was a long and poignant manifesto of the administration's flawed testing system, she said - providing her personal story as an example.

"This is what I looked like on April 2 after being sick for two weeks," Milan opened the post. "I have never been sick in this way. Everything was painful, I had no sense of smell. I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, I could not breathe or digest food. I lost 4 kg in two weeks," Milan describes the severe symptoms of the virus.

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"I was confused, I had a low fever and the headaches were terrible. I had every possible symptom of the virus. At the end of March I did two tests to detect the virus and both came back negative. I also did an antibody test and it came back negative. For four months I suffered from persistent virus symptoms. Vertigo "Abdominal pain and indigestion, irregular menstruation, palpitations, shortness of breath, almost complete short-term memory loss and a terrible general feeling of weakness and depression," Milan went on to describe the illness she experienced, sharing that she insisted on another antibody test. This time confirmed what she knew all along: she is positive for the virus.

"I am positive for the antibodies of the virus," she wrote in large letters. "I have Cubid 19."

From this point in the post Milan went from describing her personal case to attacking the health care system and the testing method she called defective and false. "I want you to be aware that our testing method is flawed and we do not know the real numbers," she wrote. "I also want you to know that this disease is not a scam. I was sure I was dying, I really felt like I was going to die," she explained.

"I will donate my plasma in the hope that I may be a nobleman. Please take care of yourself. Please wash your hands and wear a mask and social distance. I do not want anyone to feel the way I felt. Feel good, love all of you (maybe except the trolls, just the people The kind) ". Finished the post.

As expected, the revealing post quickly went viral, garnering more than 197,000 likes and hundreds of comments including from her colleagues: "Oh doll, I'm sorry you were so sick," actress Reese Witherspoon wrote, "but thank you for helping us educate. We need to know More". "Thank you for sharing this with us and I'm glad you're feeling better," actress Jimmy-Lynn Sigler wrote, and Chelsea Handler added, "Glad to hear you're okay."

Alongside the hundreds of supportive responses were those who claimed that Milan, known not only as an actress but also as a particularly vocal political and social activist, was not afraid to speak out against the administration and its leader, who lied about the disease or at least exaggerated the descriptions, and did so mainly to make headlines. "She's lying," tweeted a surfer named Carlos Oswada, claiming that on dates Milan claimed she lay in her bed almost on her deathbed, she had no problem being interviewed and interviewed, promoting her business activities and transmitting a health condition far from that of a dying woman. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?! Why would I fucking lie about having a virus?

- Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) August 9, 2020

Many surfers supported him and were quick to claim that Milan is obsessively seeking attention. "She just wants attention," one surfer wrote, "people must stop giving it to her. Stop feeding the troll." "After 36 years of listening to people who can't breathe," wrote another respondent who is apparently in the medical field, listening to a podcast the star participated in, "she sounds to me like she's breathing without any difficulty. In fact, people who have difficulty breathing can't really speak, and rarely Sounds so good. " Another surfer also wrote about Milan's voice: "I treat the airways and it is not an oxygen mask. It is an inhalation mask for respiratory treatments. So after hearing her voice on the podcast, she could breathe just fine and was not in any respiratory distress. She is a liar."

There were also quite a few surfers who came out against Oswada's "I blame", including actress Patricia Arquette, who wished him "get what he deserves." Milan itself also did not remain indifferent to the tweet that erupted against it and tweeted in response: "Are you kidding? Why would I invent that I had the virus?".

Today (Sunday), Milan posted another tweet of her lying in bed in the emergency room with a mask, and updated her followers that she was still suffering from the symptoms of the virus, and because she felt chest tight over the weekend she decided to go to the emergency room to check that it was not a blood clot.

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Milan is best known for her roles in the series "Who's the Boss" (which starred in the headlines last week, when we announced that she would return for a sequel three decades after it first aired), "Melrose Place" and "Enchanted." In addition to her on-screen appearances she is also a vocal and energetic political and social activist, she was the one who created the viral hashtag of the famous "Who To" campaign and even starred on the cover of the magazine in 2017, in the issue of "Breaking the Silence" (alongside women such as Taylor Swift, Ashley G. Ed and Selma Blair).

Source: israelhayom

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