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ApoRed and Leon Machere: YouTubers are accused of sexual harassment


ApoRed and Leon Machere do not have the best reputation in the YouTube scene, but now they are even accused of sexual harassment.

ApoRed and Leon Machere do not have the best reputation in the YouTube scene, but now they are even accused of sexual harassment.

  • The YouTube bad boys Leon Machere and ApoRed in the criticism.
  • The two influencers are accused of sexual harassment .
  • The case will probably end up in court.

Hamburg, Germany - It's not as harmonious as it seems on the German YouTube scene . While many people dream of a community where all content creators love each other, the reality could be very different. ApoRed and Leon Machere have been on YouTube for several years and are both among the most successful German people on the platform. Now ApoRed and Leon Machere are accused of sexual harassment by another YouTuber .

Full nameAhmad Nadim Ahadi
Known asApoRed
birthdayMarch 12, 1994
place of birthHamburg
Followers on YouTube78,600 (as of August 17, 2020)
Followers on Twitch361,757 (as of August 17, 2020)

ApoRed and Leon Machere: Sexual Harassment - Serious allegations against YouTubers

ApoRed and Leon Machere can look back on a long YouTube career together . While Ahmadd Nadim Ahadi , as ApoRed is called, was able to convince his subscribers with a mixture of gameplay and lifestyle videos, Leon Machere mainly relied on street pranks . Most of Machere's videos were posed, however. This was cleared up after a dispute with YouTuber MiiMii.

It was exactly this MiiMii that caused the current uproar. In his latest video, in which he criticizes Leon Machere again , the YouTuber claims that ApoRed and Leon Machere sexually molested another YouTuber . More precisely, they would have asked her to have oral sex. At least that's what the allegations are.

The incident happened more than four years ago. The allegedly sexually harassed YouTuber is called Silvi Carlsson . As early as 2016, she said in a video that she had been sexually molested by two well-known YouTubers . In the backstage area of ​​the WebVideo Prize, ApoRed and Leon Machere are said to have asked the YouTuber to oral sex . In return, Silvi Carlsson could have received a push on YouTube . Of course, the YouTuber declined the immoral offer furiously. In her video from four years ago, Silvi Carlsson could n't name any names. This has now been taken over by MiiMii .

ApoRed and Leon Machere: YouTubers react and the case will probably end up in court

The YouTube landscape consists to a large extent of reaction videos. The new trend delights the masses. Therefore, it did not take long for the first YouTubers to give their opinion on the case. VIK (970,000 subscribers) had already thought of something like this. In his video, he told of a similar incident.

On the gang tour, a YouTuber event in which Leon Machere and ApoRed also took part, a girl who was supposedly underage ran crying out of the tour bus, in which ApoRed and Leon Machere were supposedly also sitting. VIK could not say for sure whether the girl actually started crying because of the two YouTubers .

MontanaBlack, on the other hand, is a firm believer in ApoRed's innocence . His " homie " ApoRed wouldn't do anything like that and would be into a different type of woman anyway. Also advised Montana Black his YouTube - colleagues to take legal action against the YouTuber initiate. This is exactly what ApoRed has now done.


YouTuber ApoRed continues to plead its innocence.

© YouTube: ApoRed

In a YouTube video , ApoRed was very angry about the sexual harassment allegations . Apart from the fact that he denied the allegations, Ahman Nadim "ApoRed" Ahadi insulted the alleged victim Silvi Carlsson in his video. He has now removed these insults from the video. As the YouTuber confirmed, he has already called on his lawyers. So it is quite possible that this case will end up in court . Leon Machere has so far not commented on the allegations of sexual abuse . * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

List of rubric lists: © Instagram: Leon Machere

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