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PS5 or Xbox Series X? For whom which console is best suited


The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will appear soon. But which console should you buy? We have an overview of the unique selling points in this article.

The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will appear soon. But which console should you buy? We have an overview of the unique selling points in this article.

  • Sony and Microsoft are preparing to launch their next-gen consoles.
  • Meanwhile, gamers are wondering which of the two they're buying: the PS5 or the Xbox Series X?
  • Both consoles have their advantages - which we will reveal in this article.

The Playstation 4 and Xbox One will soon be replaced by the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X will appear at the end of 2020. A lot of information about the games and the hardware is already known - only the price and the specific release date of both consoles is still unclear. For gamers, the question arises: which of the two new consoles is right for me? In the following section we reveal the unique selling points of the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Which speaks for buying the PS5


The PS5 has an unusual white design for a Playstation.

© Sony

Sony has established strong franchises and exclusive titles for the Playstation , including "Uncharted", "God of War", "Spider-Man", "The Last of Us" and "Horizon: Zero Dawn". These series are likely to be continued on the PS5 - "Spider-Man: Miles Morales" has already been announced as a launch title. “Horizon: Forbidden West” will also be released for the next-gen Playstation, but not until 2021. Fans also hope for “Uncharted 5” and “The Last of Us 3”, but whether and when these will come on the market remains to be seen not clear.

Another plus point of the PS5 is the new DualSense controller. This should have an extended haptic feedback and adaptive triggers . According to Sony, players should feel the circumstances of the environment in the gameplay directly on the controller. If, for example, the character finds it difficult to move forward due to a strong wind or cannot get a hold on the ground on an icy surface, this should have a direct effect on the analog stick and influence the controls accordingly. It should also be possible to program the shoulder buttons so that they can no longer be pressed if a weapon is jammed in the game. However, developers must also incorporate this feature into their games. It is therefore uncertain - especially with third-party studios - whether it will be present in every PS5 title.

In terms of hardware, especially which is specially developed for the PS5 SSD - disk space interesting. According to Sony, this drastically reduces loading times.

What speaks for buying the Xbox Series X.


The already officially confirmed Xbox Series X will be Microsoft's new console flagship.

© Microsoft

The Xbox Series X also has powerful hardware . On paper, she is even ahead in some areas. Steam boss Gabe Newell even spoke out in favor of the Xbox *.

With regard to exclusive titles, Microsoft cannot keep up with Sony. Ironically, "Halo Infinite" - the next part of one of the strongest Xbox franchises - was postponed after the gameplay premiere left disappointed fans. The Xbox Series X is missing a really attractive exclusive title at launch - but does Microsoft really need it? Numerous popular top games will appear for both consoles, be it “Cyberpunk 2077”, “Assassin's Creed Valhalla” or “FIFA 21”. Thanks to the " Smart Delivery " feature, gamers can buy them for the Xbox One and receive the improved next-gen version for free as soon as it becomes available.

In the long run, the Xbox Series X could therefore prove to be cheaper . With the Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has established a successful “Netflix for Games”. For around ten euros a month, members get access to a huge library that is regularly expanded. Every now and then, real blockbuster titles are added there, such as " Red Dead Redemption 2 " or " The Witcher 3 ". The downside: Third-party titles are unlikely to be available in Xbox Game Pass on launch day. But if you don't value it anyway and if you like to browse through an extensive game library and want to try out many games, the Game Pass should definitely be of interest.

In addition, with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, games can be played across platforms for around 13 euros per month - on PC and console. The “Project xCloud” cloud service will also start in September 2020 , with which games can be streamed on mobile Android devices. This means that, similar to the Nintendo Switch, players can play stationary on the console or on the smartphone or tablet as they please. Another advantage of the Ultimate subscriptions is that in the Xbox - Live - Gold - membership is included.

And last but not least: Since games for the next-gen consoles are going to become more expensive, the Xbox Game Pass would definitely be worthwhile in terms of price.

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Conclusion: Both consoles offer advantages - one factor could be decisive for games

The attractive exclusive titles and the innovative DualSense controller speak for the PS5 , while Microsoft is apparently less focused on the Xbox Series X than the Xbox Game Pass and playing on multiple platforms. In terms of gameplay and graphics , the next-gen consoles will probably not differ much - but that has yet to be seen.

Poll - results have shown that the PS5 has more prospects. This is probably also due to the fact that Sony is more clever than Microsoft when it comes to new PS5 announcements. The postponement of "Halo Infinite" has unfortunately put the Xbox Series X in a bad light.

For many gamers, another factor will probably be decisive when choosing a console: backward compatibility . Both Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that the PS5 and Xbox Series X can run old games. Microsoft guarantees that this applies not only to titles for the Xbox One but also to games for the Xbox 360 and original Xbox. Only PS4 titles are playable on Sony. So if you have already acquired a corresponding game collection, it is advisable to stay with the same provider. (Ök) * and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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These five top games will appear soon

These five top games will appear soon

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