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No more wrinkles: this trick will save you a lot of time when drying clothes


Nobody really likes wrinkles in clothing. There are many tricks for drying and hanging laundry without creases.

Nobody really likes wrinkles in clothing. There are many tricks for drying and hanging laundry without creases.

  • When laundering arising on the clothes often wrinkles .
  • Once the wrinkles are there, it is difficult to get rid of them without an iron.
  • There are some tips for drying laundry so that it is wrinkle-free.

Offenbach - The problem is well known: after washing , clothes often show unattractive creases . But even without ironing you can get the laundry free from creases. These tips will help dry your laundry without creases .

Drying your laundry: These tips help against wrinkles

If you hang up your clothes to dry quickly after washing and without thinking , you can usually expect nasty surprises: creases . This looks anything but nice, especially with shirts, blouses and T-shirts. However, there are a few simple steps to avoid wrinkles.

Tips against wrinkles: Shake the laundry out before drying

Shaking the laundry thoroughly before hanging it up to dry will loosen it up. Take the damp laundry out of the machine and smooth it out. Then you should hang the laundry on the line or on the clothes horse without any kinks or folds .


Creases in freshly washed clothes can be avoided with simple tricks (symbol picture).

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Tips against wrinkles: You should hang the laundry on hangers to dry

Laundry that is particularly prone to wrinkles , such as shirts, should be hung to dry on a hanger. First straighten the shirt a little by hand and simply hang the hanger on the clothesline or on a clothes rack.

Tips against wrinkles: Do not hang the laundry too close together to dry

A common mistake is packing too much on a drying rack. You should not hang the damp laundry too close together. If there is not enough space between the clothes on the drying rack, not enough air will get through and the laundry will not dry as well. If you hang the laundry on a rack to dry , do it offset instead of side by side. Smaller pieces, such as socks or rags, should then be hung up in the free space between the larger pieces.

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Tips against wrinkles: Use pegs to dry the laundry

Make sure that the laundry hangs upside down to dry, first and secondly as far down as possible. Use clothespins for this. For tops, the sleeves should point down, for trousers the waistband. The garments shouldn't overlap too much. For T-shirts and shirts, make sure that they are hung with the sleeves facing out. Another tip: turn the laundry inside out and attach the clips to the seams to avoid marks.

Tips against wrinkles: Put the laundry in the right place to dry

When the sun is shining and it's warm, dry the laundry as possible outside - then it goes faster. When it's cold, turning on the heater will help. However, keep the window tilted open, otherwise mold may develop. (By Lukas Rogalla)

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