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Body, hear the signals!


Forget about rigid diet rules! The "Intuitive eating" coaching helps you to listen to your stomach and its hunger signals again - and thus to find the right, very individual diet.

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"When I only eat what I feel like eating, I keep eating chocolate."

Many people fear that if they do not control themselves, they will eat too fat, too sweet, and too much.

But, is this really the truth?

Not necessarily.

Today nutritionists assume that in the long run you will eat more balanced and relaxed if you listen to your gut feeling.

However, this means that you really pay attention to your own body and its signals.

Who asks himself questions like "What is good for me?"

or "How hungry am I right now?", which is gradually developing its own nutrition compass.


Eating what is good for me

Individual, healthy, delicious: this is how I find the perfect diet for me


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This is exactly what programs and instructions for "intuitive eating" are based on.

The concept is already widespread, especially in the USA.

It does not contain any quick action measures based on standardized plans such as "lightning diet" or "only low-carb".

It's a slow turning towards yourself. "As soon as you start to trust your own body hunger again, you eat more consciously - and gradually come to a new, healthy eating rhythm," says the Hamburg ecotrophologist Maike Ehrlichmann, author of the Buchs "Simply eat honestly. Why we should rely on our appetite".

Together with the SPIEGEL WISSEN team, Ehrlichmann has developed coaching with which you can learn to practice "intuitive eating" and to integrate it into your everyday life.

You will learn, among other things, to fully listen to feelings of hunger and satiety again and to plan your eating day so that you are not overwhelmed by cravings.

You will also find practical tips on how to cook simple dishes.

And you learn to steer clear of ready-to-eat foods that are easy to consume and that increase appetite in unhealthy ways.

If you register here, you will receive a newsletter with a coaching unit every Friday for eight weeks from September 11th.

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