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Rocks, La Daronne, Adolescentes ... Films to watch or avoid this week


What should you go to the cinema this week? The selection and advice of the editorial staff of Le Figaro.

To have

La Daronne

, comedy by Jean-Paul Salomé, 1h48

Patience Portefeux (Isabelle Huppert) bears her first name badly: she is

"fed up with everything"


Feels weary and weary of her rather lonely existence.

Patience is a Franco-Arab judicial interpreter for the narcotics brigade.

But Patience expects something else from life.

Something that excites her, transports her, helps her find a place, her own.

Following a welcome combination of circumstances, she finds herself at the heart of a drug trade.


Transvestite as a

"village girl"

like Isabelle Adjani in

The world is yours

, by Romain Gavras, in 2018. Roll the police and thieves.

Lie shamelessly.

Jean-Paul Salomé begins his film as a thriller with muscular intervention and arrest to branch off with finesse towards comedy.

The neat dialogues are as precise as they are removed.

Isabelle Huppert, for her part, learned Arabic for the needs of the colorful Daronne that she becomes, like a cartoon character.

Hippolyte Girardot is as always remarkable.

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On the road to Compostela

, documentary by Fergus Grady and Noel Smyth, 1h20

On the Camino Francès, the busiest route to reach Santiago de Compostela from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a tiny point stands out on the horizon.

Closer, we discover a body twisted by osteoarthritis and kyphoscoliosis that gives Susan Morris, 70, this rickety look.

Like 250,000 people each year, she embarked on this 900 kilometer pilgrimage.

But for what reasons do we feel the need to inflict these forty-two days of suffering on ourselves?

What drives her to go to the end of her weak strengths?

What light is she looking for at the end of the road?

Australian documentary filmmaker Noel Smyth and New Zealand producer Fergus Grady try to understand it, accompanying him, like five other pilgrims, to the tomb of the apostle Saint James the Greater.

This film does not ostensibly question the faith of its walkers.

He chooses to show how, practicing or not, each of them experiences it.

Pain, dead ends, joy in perseverance… The spiritual dimension is imposed on them.

Overwhelms them.

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You can see


, social drama by Sarah Gavron, 1h33

Rocks' mother (stunning Bukky Bakray) leaves the family home, abandoning her daughter and young son.

Her best friend tries to help her, but the teenager shuts down.

In empathy with her heroine, the British director of the


films, like Ken Loach, a poignant descent into hell.

Too bad the end is disappointing.


, documentary by Sébastien Lifshitz, 2h15

For five years, Sébastien Lifshitz filmed Anaïs and Emma until they were 18.

The result is not so exciting, perhaps because the two friends of Brive give up little.

Probably also because adolescence is not such an interesting age.

Basically, I'm the girl who shouts, talks badly to her mother and has no friends,

” Emma said lucidly upon discovering the film.

From the same director,

Les Invisibles

, about old homosexuals, was much stronger.

The New Adventures of Rita and Machin

, animated film by Pon Kozutsumi and Jun Takagi, 45mn

The 5-year-old "resourceful little girl" and her unnamed "funny dog" are back.

The "two friends for life" bicker and reconcile as best they can.

A few lines of black pencil and touches of red are enough to narrate adventures up to children.

Les Joueuses # paslàpourdanser

, documentary by Stéphanie Gillard, 1h27

Stéphanie Gillard films the OL women's team during the 2018-2019 season.

Either one of the best football teams in the world with an impressive track record (7 Champions Leagues, 14 French Championships, 9 French Cups).

We see the stars in training, in the locker room, in the canteen and in matches: Wendie Renard, Ada Hererbeg, Amandine Henry, Eugénie Le Sommer, Amel Majri ... Young people too, from the training center, with their desires, their doubts, their need for recognition, not necessarily financial, in a discipline long monopolized by men.

The problem is that Stéphanie Gillard doesn't really have an angle.

Above all, his film suffers from an impressive lack of rhythm.

For anyone who has seen

The Last Dance

, an adrenaline-fueled documentary on Michael Jordan

on Netflix


The Players

will seem as breathless as the last Sweden-France for men in the Nations League.

To see also

The Happiness of Some ...

, comedy by Daniel Cohen, 1h40

Léa, Marc, Karine and Francis are two couples of long-standing friends.

The macho husband, the rather loud-mouthed girlfriend, everyone occupies their place in the group.

But, harmony shatters the day when Lea, the most discreet of them, teaches them that she is writing a novel, which becomes a bestseller.

Far from rejoicing, small jealousies and big crap begin to flow.

Human, too human!

It is in the face of success that we recognize our true friends ... Could the happiness of some therefore be the misfortune of others?


, horror film by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, 1h46

Best-selling author Veronica Henley finds herself trapped in a dreadful world whose mystery she must unravel before it's too late.

Remember Me

, comedy-drama by Martin Rosete, 1h21

Claude is septuagenarian, widower and critic of cinema and theater.

He learns that the love of his life, Lily, a famous French actress, has been admitted to a house specializing in the treatment of Alzheimer's in California.

He hasn't seen her for 30 years.

With the help of his old friend Shane, he gets admitted to the same ward as Lily.

He conceived the crazy project of making her remember her thanks to her presence, her intact love and their memories.

A hint of love

, drama by Paul Vecchiali, 1h32

Geneviève Garland, a famous actress, rehearses


de Racine, with her husband André as a partner.

She feels a deep discomfort to interpret this character and gives up her role to her friend Isabelle who is also the mistress of her husband.

Geneviève goes with her sick son to her native village.

She seems to be running away from certain realities that are difficult to admit.


, drama by Carlo Sironi, 1h40

Young Ermanno lives in an Italy without a future.

Lena, 22, pregnant, has just arrived from Poland.

She bears the child that Ermanno's uncle and his wife will adopt at birth.

While he is responsible for watching over her, Ermanno begins to become attached to Lena and to imagine himself as the father of this future child.

Cyril against Goliath

, documentary by Thomas Bornot, 1h26

Cyril, a Parisian writer, would never have imagined that Lacoste, the village of his childhood, could one day be privatized by billionaire Pierre Cardin.

Pushed by his son and while nothing intended for that, he decides to engage against this takeover of a new kind and begins a real showdown with the famous couturier.

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