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Les Apparences, Ondine, Sing Me a Song ... The films to watch or to avoid this week


An oppressive infidelity, the myth of the aquatic creature, the adventures of an apprentice monk ... What should you go see in the cinema this week? The selection and advice of the editorial staff of Le Figaro.

To have

Sing Me a Song

, documentary by Thomas Balmès, 1 h 35.

In Bhutan, Thomas Balmès films an apprentice monk.

The recent arrival of the internet has changed everything.

The moinillon falls in love with a singer on WeChat, whom he joins in the capital.

The sumptuous landscapes contrast with the narrow-mindedness of a society that is locked in the screens.

A sensitive film.

You can see


, romantic drama by Christian Petzold, 1h30

Christian Petzold's strange and contemplative modern tale revisits the myth of the aquatic creature: condemned to be loved by men in order to live among them and to kill whoever betrays her before returning to the water.

In today's Berlin, Ondine (Paula Beer) is a city historian.

When she is left by Johannes, her world falters.

But his vindictiveness is stopped sharply by his dreamlike encounter, in the broken glass of an aquarium, with the shy and transfixed diver Christophe (Franz Rogowski).

Paced by the exhaustive town planning conferences of her heroine,


is paradoxically stingy in dialogue.

Apart from an epilogue, rather abrupt and failed, which breaks the harmony.

For the rest, Christian Petzold weaves a refined idyll all in silence, glances, wonder which professes nothing other than his childish purity.

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, thriller by Marc Fitoussi, 1h50

Henri is a conductor.

Eve works as a librarian.

They receive, are received in turn.


Les Appearances

, we are among cultivated people.

The husband spends a little too much time on the phone.

Obviously, he's having an affair with his son's teacher.

The wife takes revenge with an overworked young man who ends up harassing her severely.

Marc Fitoussi understood that a meeting of parents of students summed up a concentrate of bile and neuroses.

Lætitia Dosch embodies the mistress, in both senses of the word.

She does it with passion, hides an asset up her sleeve.

Benjamin Biolay takes his leaning air.

He must be thinking of Michel Bouquet in La Femme infidèle.

Of course, Karin Viard is not Stéphane Audran.

She has excuses: no one is Stéphane Audran.

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We avoid


, comedy by Amro Hamzawi, 1 h 25

A young woman (Nora Hamzawi) searches for her path.

Influenced by those close to her, she becomes the assistant of a publisher specializing in erotic books.

The quest for identity is highlighted and the characters don't elicit much empathy.


, a drama by Roger Michell, 1 h 37

A tense family reunion in a country house, where the unspoken hovers.

Despite the sparkling cast, Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, and Sam Neill, this bittersweet drama remains too smooth.

Lux Æterna

, drama by Gaspar Noé, 0 h 51

Béatrice Dalle and Charlotte Gainsbourg discuss everything and nothing.

The first is a director.

The second will play a witch at the stake.

Dalle argues with the director of photography.

The plateau is a big mess.

Red lights are flashing.

Neither tail nor head.

The film is about fifty minutes long.

It feels like it lasts three times as long.

We can see too


, comedy by Adrien Piquet-Gauthier, 1h18

Paul and Virginie have just had a baby boy.

Happy to discover their new life as young parents, they did not imagine that their Boutchou would become the stake of a merciless fight between the grandparents ... To gain the exclusivity of the little adored one, grandfathers and grandmothers are ready to implement any stratagems ...


, drama by Yaron Shani, 2h00

Alice and Ziv are neighbors in a district of Tel Aviv.

Alice has just published a particularly noticed first novel.

Ziv is a teenager passionate about music, uncomfortable with expressing his feelings.

Alice thinks Ziv could be the heart of a documentary project, but their meeting will take an unexpected turn.

End of the century

, romantic drama by Lucio Castro, 1h24

An Argentinian from New York and a Spaniard from Berlin cross paths one night in Barcelona.

They weren't meant to meet and yet… After a scorching night, what seemed like a fleeting encounter between two strangers turned into an epic relationship spanning decades…


, animated film by Gints Zilbalodis, 1h41

A young boy wakes up hanging from a tree after a plane crash.

In the distance a large threatening form approaches him.

To escape her, he takes refuge at the entrance of a cave where the strange shape cannot follow him.

In this cave, the young man finds a map and a motorbike which push him to take the road to try to reach, on the other side of the island, the port and civilization.

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