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"Koh-Lanta": Bertrand-Kamal, red captain, foils Adrien's plans


This Friday evening, the four initial teams of “Koh-Lanta” were recomposed into two tribes. Bertrand-Kamal, died on September 9 of

After the triple advice of last week, a new upheaval came to heckle the adventurers of "Koh-Lanta" this Friday, during the fifth episode broadcast on TF1.

They were divided into two new teams, making it possible to find the two traditional colors of the game. A look back at the events which marked this new evening.

While the blue team has rather well accepted the departure of their champion Mathieu (released last Friday by Aubin, who had played an immunity collar), the other tribes are still stunned when they meet for the test of comfort.

Surprise, this is an individual game, in which you have to stay the longest leaned against a post, your hands clinging to the log above your head.

You quickly feel that the position is very uncomfortable.

The young Aubin also barely takes more than a minute and, as he is the first to give up, he is condemned to register his name on a ballot which will count for the next council of his team.

Once the 55 minutes have been reached, only Fabrice remains, an impressive 54-year-old adventurer of the Northern team, the still very strong Dorian of the West, the enduring and persistent Bertrand-Kamal of the East and the determined Alix from the South.

Once Fabrice and Dorian have fallen, the final fight is breathtaking.

"I'm doing it for you, grandma, give me strength," Alix calls, in tears.

She ultimately wins the event.

"The battle of the grannies"

Asked about her grandmother, she explains to host Denis Brogniart: “Mamie Luce, it was she who, in the end, carried me.

She fought cancer for a long time, I couldn't let go.

Words that touch all the more when we know the fate of his opponent, who succumbed to the same disease on September 9.

And Bertrand-Kamal to add: "I think it was the battle of the grannies, because I lost my grandmother the day before arriving in


, and I thought of her all along. .


The first two of this test have the difficult task of composing two new tribes: the Yellow for Alix, who also obtains an immunity collar, and the Reds for Bertrand-Kamal.

Each old team is divided equally on either side: three greens, two blues, two purples and two oranges for nine adventurers on each side.

Alix thus chose: Dorian, Jody, Lola, Angélique, Loïc, Laurent, Alexandra and Aubin.

Bertrand-Kamal is now fighting alongside Brice, Marie-France, Francis, Adrien, Hadja, Joaquina, Sébastien and Ava.

"I got caught at my own game"

In the respective camps (the yellow team inherited from the island of oranges and the reds from the purple camp), the atmosphere is quite good, everyone learning to discover their new teammates.

“I love people,” says Bertrand-Kamal, says Beka, faithful to his good humor.

However, Adrien, an assumed strategist from the Northern team is already looking to draw alliances even before the immunity test.

"I came to Koh-Lanta with the desire to play to the maximum, to make strategies, small plots .." Adrien admitted, eliminated.

/ Twitter screenshot / Koh-Lanta Memes  

This turns to the advantage of the Yellows, whose cohesion was much more obvious than that of the Reds.

This reinforces the schemes of Adrien, who wants at all costs to eliminate a former Green in his team so that they are no longer in numerical superiority.

Except that his little game is far from discreet and annoys many of his comrades.

Marie-France in the first place, since she had paid the price from the first advice of the adventure before returning, following François' injury.

Informed, Beka enters his game and tries to bamboozle the cardboard strategist to eliminate him.

"I would be freed from a weight, a big plus, 100 kg" he blurted out, teasingly, referring to the physical condition of the Parisian.


"Koh-Lanta": Ava, Joaquina, Laurent, these candidates that we hardly see ...

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In short, at the eliminatory council, Adrien enjoys seeing the first two ballots in the name of Joaquina, the target he was convinced to bring out.

When it came time to vote, so sure of himself, he had even declaimed in front of the camera: “Joaquina, I'm voting against you.

The domination of the green tribe is over, the wind of change is blowing and this wind comes from the north ”.

A wind that made pschitt since only his former violet comrade, Fabrice, followed him.

Here is Adrien taken aback by reading his own first name afterwards.

And his face decomposes when he is nominated seven times.

“I didn't see anything coming, I came to


with the desire to play to the maximum, to make strategies, small plots… It was my style, it amused me, well I got caught at my own game, ”admitted the adventurer without any hard feelings, congratulating his competitors on the contrary.

It remains to be seen who will be the next great strategist in this new edition.

Source: leparis

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