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No more mess in the kitchen: cut cauliflower like this now


When it comes to slicing cauliflower, many reach their limits. A cook reveals how you can easily avoid a mess.

When it comes to slicing cauliflower, many reach their limits.

A cook reveals how you can easily avoid a mess.

Have you ever thought about how to properly slice cauliflower *?

Once you have had the vegetables in front of you, you may have to ask yourself this question.

One or the other may consider it the simplest solution to put

the knife on top of the cabbage

and divide the vegetables in two.

The result

: The individual blossoms jump apart and spread over the entire kitchen.

If you don't have a problem cleaning up for a long time after cooking, this method is definitely an option.

But you can easily minimize the risk of a big mess, reveals cookbook author

Ina Garten


How to cut cauliflower properly - how to avoid a mess

The US-American Ina Garten is a cook and has already published several cookery books, which Amazon offers in English (promotional link).

She also shares tips about cooking and baking on Instagram.

Some time ago, for example, she devoted herself to the question of how to cut


without a major mess.

For a long time she has been using a technique that not everyone knows and applies.

How it works:

  • Turn the cauliflower over so the white flowers are facing down.

  • Cut out the green core of the cabbage with a knife.

  • Then carefully break out the flowers.

  • The individual blossoms do not splinter, instead you can cut them much smaller.

Ina Garten also presents her method in a video:

Check out this post on Instagram

A post shared by Ina Garten (@inagarten) on Sep 26, 2018 at 8:50 am PDT

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Try delicious recipes with cauliflower

You have cut all the blossoms - what happens next?

How about, for example, breaded cauliflower?


just a few ingredients

, you can easily prepare this dish.

If you have a little more time, you can also try a cauliflower soup with peas and sausages.

(soa) * is part of the Ippen central network.

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Wash before eating

Definitely not with these foods!

Wash before eating

Definitely not with these foods!

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