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Do you own those rare 5 cent coins? That's how much money you get for it


No, not only rare 1 or 2 euro coins are worth a lot: collectors also look for cents with certain characteristics. It's worth taking a look in your wallet.

No, not only rare 1 or 2 euro coins are worth a lot: collectors also look for cents with certain characteristics.

It's worth taking a look in your wallet.

With almost every purchase we spend


and get new change back.

Many do not pay so much attention to the

euros and cents

that go into their wallets.

One or the other could have already issued coins

for which collectors would pay a lot of money


As a rule, 1-euro * and 2-euro coins with special features are very popular.



are not insignificant either: some

5-cent coins,

for example, which are only available in small numbers, could be worth a lot.

5 Cent Coins: These rare cents are worth a lot of money

Countries that use the


as their currency usually have their own coins with symbols and landmarks that stand for the respective country.

This also applies to small states such as the





However, the number of coins in these countries is usually more limited.

Accordingly, collectors like to pay a little more money for copies that are only available in very small numbers.

This also applies to one or the other

5-cent coin


The portal chip reveals which four cents are particularly valuable:

  • Vatican 2002, value:

    approx. 40 euros

    (only 71,000 copies available)

  • Monaco 2013, value:

    around 60 euros

    (only 10,000 copies available)

  • Monaco 2002, value:

    approx. 65 euros

    (only 8,000 copies available)

  • Monaco 2011, value:

    approx. 75 euros

    (only 7,000 copies available)

At first glance, that might not seem like a lot of money when you consider that collectors pay tens of thousands of euros for other coins.

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at your wallet from time to time.

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Selling coins - what you need to know


date given

is important for the coins


, because not all 5-cent coins from Monaco or the Vatican are worth the same.

You also have a better chance of selling coins to collectors if the change is

in very good condition


If you auction coins on Ebay, you should also consider

offering several copies in one set

, Chip recommends.

This could give you even more money.

And what to do when you've found a rare coin?

Regardless of whether it is a bad minting or a coin that is only in limited circulation: If you have any questions, you can contact coin dealers or auction houses, for example.

Alternatively, you can also find more information on rare coins in relevant specialist books (advertising link).


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