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Recipe for buffalo goulash - Try this particularly fine goulash variant


Goulash is typically made with beef or pork. Do you already know the variant with buffalo meat? You are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Goulash is typically made with beef or pork.

Do you already know the variant with buffalo meat?

You are guaranteed to impress your guests.

Everyone knows goulash and goulash soup - from big to small and back again.

Most of these recipes are made with beef.

Some also use mixed meat *,

pork and beef


Less known is the preparation of goulash with

buffalo meat


A very fine number.

Of course, such a goulash can also be made using the usual goulash preparation method.

What distinguishes buffalo meat from other types of meat?

Mostly it is about the meat from the

water buffalo


The fibers of buffalo meat are shorter than those of beef, for example.

One reason why it


a little

more delicate


Furthermore, in buffalo meat it is not the fat, but the meat itself that is the flavor carrier.

So even lean meat has a great

taste of its own


Where can I buy buffalo meat for this goulash?

It's going to be difficult in the supermarket around the corner.


trusted butcher

won't have it in stock either.

But with his relationships he can certainly get close to buffalo meat.

A pre-order is certainly necessary.

And last but not least, you can now even order meat online.

Search engines help with the search in a first step.

How do you prepare buffalo goulash?

Here the

preparation is

not that


from any other goulash.

The meat must first be seared.

Then gradually all the ingredients come into the pot.

And then it's time to wait.


three hours

should stew gently simmer down before him.

It is advisable to check from time to time that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

What side dishes are there with the buffalo goulash?

This is where the usual suspects come into play: baguettes, potatoes or homemade spaetzle.

Very clever cooks add potatoes peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces 45 minutes before the end of the cooking time.

This is how you get a classic one-pot dish.

And: the potatoes, because of the starch they give off, make the goulash a round creamier.

Buffalo goulash recipe



Preparation time:

30 minutes

Preparation time:

3 hours

You need these ingredients for the buffalo goulash

  • 2.5 kg buffalo ragout

  • 3 tbsp clarified butter

  • 3 tbsp tomato paste

  • 3 tbsp paprika powder

  • 1 kg of onions

  • 6 cloves of garlic

  • 3 tbsp flour

  • 2 green peppers

  • 500 ml red wine

  • 1 l game stock (alternatively, beef stock)

  • 800 ml of chunky tomatoes

  • 10 juniper berries

  • 5 bay leaves

  • 2 tbsp sugar

  • 400 g of brown mushrooms

  • Salt (to taste)

  • Pepper (to taste)

  • 200 ml creme fraiche

  • 1 bunch of parsley

How to prepare the buffalo goulash

  • Cut the buffalo meat into bite-sized pieces and fry them in hot clarified butter.

  • Then stir in the tomato paste and roast it, then stir in the paprika powder and let it roast too.

  • Add onions (coarsely chopped) and chopped garlic and fry briefly.

  • Dust with flour and stir in and add the peppers (cut into bite-sized pieces).

  • Deglaze with red wine and pour on the game stock and chopped tomatoes.

  • Add the juniper berries and bay leaves, the sugar and sliced ​​mushrooms.

    Stir and let the cowboy goulash cook gently for 3 hours.

  • Season to taste with salt and pepper, serve with creme fraiche and chopped parsley.

  • The recipe for the buffalo goulash in the video

    Anja Auer is editor-in-chief of the BBQ & Food magazine “Die Frau am Grill”.

    In addition, she runs the largest YouTube channel on the topic of "barbecuing" which is produced by a woman in German-speaking countries.

    Most of the recipes are not only successful on the grill, but also on the stove and in the oven.

    You can find more recipes at and the YouTube channel

    * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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