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"Summer house of the stars": screaming and screaming saw


In the "summer house of the stars" it is as always, so even worse. It's hard to take the show. Lisha makes herself impossible - at least that would be the case in a smooth world.

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Lisha, Michaela and Caro (from left) have conspired against Eva



You can only bear it if you pause in the worst sequences and watch the video with the donkey grinning blissfully because its ears are petted.

Then maybe the little film in which the beaver gnaws his food so busily, and finally, just to make sure that you are halfway stable again, the video again with the floppy-ear goats that are on "Stayin 'Alive" from the pasture step home.

This is not a joke, it is meant seriously: Without such countermeasures to calm down, the "summer house of the stars" is officially no longer visible.  

"The show must go on"

Even if the general opinion about humanity was not at a peak value before, with episode 9 one falls away from faith in completely new dimensions.

How the shot Annemarie hands her remaining cronies a last glass of hidden applesauce when she moves out, as if she were Marie-Antoinette on the way to the guillotine, who quickly lays her miniature spaniel in her arm's arms for faithful care.

How she then yodels "The show must go on" and strides away in an unshakable confusion that she has done everything right.

How she proudly proclaims that she is not a trash format hopper, but has just been seen in the "fight of the reality stars" - these are human unsavings that one can perhaps still laugh about.

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Annemarie Eilfeld and Tim Sandt leave the house

Photo: TVNOW

If Lisha, Michaela and Caro join forces against Eva in a knowledge game, signal each other with a blink which questions they can answer, and throw the remaining, more difficult questions to Eva, who is consequently eliminated first with Chris, you can still do that for Use crude tactics that are understandable on the way to the winner's prize.

But then the unfair ladies boast of their perfidy first in the conspiratorial bathroom and then also in the off interviews, so they openly admit their lazy game - but then portray Eva, who rightly believes she has been bullied out of the game, as a bad loser who just imagine it all.

Perfidious manipulations

It is nothing more than gaslighting, perfidious manipulation, in which the other should slowly lose faith in themselves and trust in their own perception when Lisha asks Chris hypocritically: "Does your wife really think that we hacked on her ? "and stroking the crying Eva comfortingly over the hair.

Eva was just stupid and didn't know the answers, Lisha says in the interview, the same woman who is so proud of her Kreuzberg roots - and believes the Rhine flows through Berlin Mitte.

(Whereby Chris, the undisputed moral hero of this season, had his failures in a second knowledge game - and believed that the state capital of Saxony was Hesse, and that "the king" ruled in a democracy.)

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Eva has to take a lot in the "summer house"

Photo: TVNOW

A "little, stubborn bitch" is Eva, says Lisha, "a clever beast", worse things are beeped several times, then the dispute over another hypocrisy escalates completely, and Lisha does the screaming, covers Eva with filthiness and drooling mob paradoxes: "Stop your face, I tell you, speak properly! "

This is also difficult to bear because you suspect that this thoroughly disgusting behavior will probably have no consequences: Allegedly, Lisha and Lou, who always flanked their screeching saws in the interviews as a submissive wobbly, are already supposed to have contracts for four other TV shows have signed, presumably she should also be in the "jungle camp".

On Instagram, she describes every criticism as a concerted "hate" that Eva's manager would have commissioned with bots. 

Perhaps this "summer house" is also so difficult to bear because it shows us so exaggerated and glaring how little this world runs, how it changes and avoids all principles and the simplest moral standards: Of course, Lisha and Lou would have to follow suit Once such an appearance as advertising visas is finally done, your social media community would have to shrink, not grow.

This is probably the most stressful aspect of watching, besides the joy of hatred, which is sometimes almost proudly displayed: the tiredness that arises because you already suspect that nothing will have consequences. 

Reminder of better trash TV times

After all, episode 9 also contained a small reminder of better trash TV times: namely the reminder that formats such as the "summer house" not only show their protagonists from their most horrible sides, but can also correct some wrong assessments with unexpectedly bright moments .

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Photo: TVNOW

Diana, who after the first episodes could easily be mistaken for an eso-fluffy hippie actress, touched in the worst bickering with a Franconian-tangible variant of energy work: "Eat! God i me, shut up!"

she informed Chris and, with the help of her animal shirt, gave Eva a touching, courageous peptalk: "That's you, the strong elephant!".

Maybe the time has come now, maybe you desperately want a home visit from Diana to be able to endure the "summer house" and the world better.

Please only leave the energetic muff cloud at home.

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Source: spiegel

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