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Land seizure: they order the restitution of a property in Villa Mascardi and attack the prosecutor in the case on social media


A judge ruled that the militants return a piece of land from the Bishopric of San Isidro. Marches, streaks and furious viral attacks against prosecutors in Bariloche.

Claudio Andrade

10/25/2020 3:59 PM

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Updated 10/25/2020 3:59 PM

In a ruling that surprised even residents of Villa Mascardi, the Río Negro Justice ordered the restitution of the property belonging to the San Isidro Bishopric that a Mapuche community has occupied for six months 35 kilometers from Bariloche.

The decision seems to mark the end of the peace that the National Government tried to maintain with the members of the lof Lafken Winkul Mapu in the last 50 days.

Throughout all that time they held secret negotiations with the Security Ministry led by Sabina Frederic, through the secretary of the portfolio, Gabriel Fuck.

But on Thursday, as Clarín announced, President Alberto Fernandez informed Governor Arabela Carreras that both officials would be removed from the Dialogue Table with the Mapuches and their place would be occupied by the Minister of Justice, Marcela Losardo. 

Faced with the Arroyo ruling, the reaction of the aboriginal community as well as the social and legal groups that support them was felt.

There were marches in the city, threatening stripes and viral messages against political officials and local justice.

Last week's attack on the governor of Río Negro, in Villa Mascardi.

The decision of the Judge of Guarantees of Bariloche produced movement in one of the many cases filed in the Justice against the Mapuche group.

The authorities of the province await the presentation of new defense resources.

In case the ruling is confirmed, the Secretary of Security will probably develop an action plan as was done in El Foyel, evicting them without violence a week ago. 

"You have to see when the conditions are in place to do it,"

says a government source.

“Here the existence of native peoples is not in dispute, but it is possible to resort to any means to file a claim, I must bear in mind the consequences.

Legitimate rights do not enable illegitimate avenues, and if we do we expose ourselves.

It has nothing to do with discrimination.

The crime must be stopped to be able to advance in the pacification ”, justified the magistrate Arroyo.

"I order the reimbursement of the possession of the property that must be done according to the Protocol established by the Public Ministry, contemplating all the measures that guarantee the integrity of the people," he resolved.

One of the vandalized cabins in Villa Mascardi belonging to the Church.

The Church acquired the land where the “Cabaña Hueche Ruca” stands today on July 22, 1986 from the Administration of National Parks, "explained Cendón. Furthermore, neither the Council for the Development of Indigenous Communities (CODECI) nor INAI register the lof Lafken Winkul Mapu as a Mapuche community, added the official.

On the same Friday, a group of 10 Mapuches rejected the judge's ruling outside the Bariloche Cathedral, while unknown persons pointed to the walls of the center accusations of "racism" against the prosecutor in the Betiana Cendón case and the chief prosecutor Martín Lozada.

On Monday, October 19, Lozada and prosecutor Francisco Arrien were in charge of the eviction of a field in El Foyel, 75 kilometers from this city.

One of the vandalized cabins in Villa Mascardi belonging to the Church.

"We have sought by all means to restore the property in a peaceful manner but the task was unsuccessful, for which we formulate this legal claim and ask that such restitution take place under a strict eviction protocol established by the Attorney General's Office that has already yielded positive results for days. back in the El Foyel area, ”Cendón said at the hearing.

The prosecutor denounced before Judge Arroyo a group of people such as the usurpers, who are also the main suspects of the Mascardi occupation that began in November 2017. Rafael Nahuel (22) died on November 25 of that year in the framework of a confrontation between the Mapuches and the Argentine Naval Prefecture.

The prosecutor filed charges against Betiana Colhuan, Yéssica Bonnefoi, Johana Colhuan, María Nahuel, Luciana Jaramillo, Romina Rosas, Cristian Colhuan, Maira Tapia, Juan Pablo Colhuan, Gonzalo Coña.

The action only succeeded in the case of four of the women because the others could not be “duly notified”.

Betiana is the “machi” of the community, while Johana is the former volunteer soldier from the Mountain Military School, wounded in the shoulder on the same day that Nahuel died.

It is speculated that since then it lives in the taking.

Aggressive messages began to spread on the networks against prosecutor Cendón.

“Beatiana Cendón antiderechos, who criminalizes poverty and conceals violent males, today authorizes the eviction of the Mapuche community. This prosecutor wants to compete to perpetuate herself in power.

Let's avoid it! ”.

"Cendón out of our bodies and territories", indicates the text that bears a photograph of the official.

The Association of Lawyers and Lawyers of the Argentine Republic that represents the lof also elaborated on the prosecutor, the lawyer, the Church and the province.

“The Bishopric of San Isidro was first benefited by the Roca Campaign and then by the new institutions of the Argentine State that distributed the Mapuche lands to the oligarchs and the Church.

Thus, this bishopric of the very rich northern area of ​​Buenos Aires was made from Mapuche lands in the area of ​​Lake Mascardi ”, they indicate in a statement.

“(The terms of the accusation), obviously agreed with the racists and white supremasists of Bariloche and with their bosses, Governor Carreras and her gang, is what explains the resolution of the Bariloche judges and prosecutors to produce the hearing of charges and immediately order the eviction, ”the document continues.

Tension increases in the south in a context in which the attacks, complaints and aftershocks do not stop.

Source: clarin

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