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"Why Eilat yes and we no?" The owners of the B & Bs are threatening to apply to the High Court - Walla! Tourism


The owners of the B & Bs in the Galilee claim that the cabinet's decision to create "tourist islands", which they ignored, is motivated by political considerations, and threaten to appeal to the High Court against the Corona cabinet.

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"Why Eilat yes and we no?"

The owners of the B & Bs are threatening to apply to the High Court

The owners of the B & Bs in the Galilee claim that the cabinet's decision to create "tourist islands", which they ignored, is motivated by political considerations, and threaten to appeal to the High Court against the Corona cabinet.


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Yoav Itiel

Monday, 26 October 2020, 16:50

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In the video: Netanyahu says that the closure is a success and the exit should be graded (Photo: GPO)

(In the video: Netanyahu at the entrance to the Corona Cabinet: The closure is a huge success, 10/15/20)

With BB Galilee on the verge of economic collapse and threatened to petition the High Court against the Cabinet Sources and friends, Froiiktor corona Prof. Roni Gamzu, and Minister of Tourism, Tourism Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen.

They require that allow them to operate outline "Islands tourism", as it was approved in Eilat and Dead. They say such an arrangement Iiazn between health needs and the need for substantial aid to prevent economic collapse in the Galilee and Negev regions that rely significantly on tourism activities in rural and in which there is a real possibility to create a "non-touristy" due on their geographic.

six of them, through attorney Roi Keren, today (Monday) made an urgent request to open their rural accommodation complexes, which include B & Bs and guest villas.

This, after according to the initiative of the Minister of Tourism to define the city of Eilat and the Dead Sea area as "green tourist islands" approved last night, the Corona Cabinet will be allowed to declare the city of Eilat and the Dead Sea hotel complex a "special tourist area".

The owners of B & Bs in the Galilee claim that the decision in the cabinet that they ignored is politically motivated, and that they are not part of it just because they have no lobby in the cabinet and their voices are not heard, "after the resignation of Tourism Minister Assaf Zamir," due to your default on domestic tourism. " "Orit Farkash HaCohen, whose voice in the matter is heard but falls on deaf ears and so does the voice of the esteemed Minister of Finance, Mr. Israel Katz, who calls for the immediate opening of rural tourism," according to the petition.

For Michal and Shimon Vaknin from Moshav Shomera, owners of "Ahuzat Roy", this is a "second wave of frustration".

Due to the cornea and the closure that came with it in the first wave of the epidemic, they closed their restaurant and set up a B&B complex with four guest rooms, with an investment that they say amounts to half a million shekels so far.

"We started in July, we worked well for two months and suddenly the second closure hit us," says Michal to Walla!

Tourism, "We took out loans, set up a villa to glory and all we wanted was to entertain people and work with dignity. Instead we can not work can not repay the loans. We are in a big 'welcome' and can not survive. It makes no sense for B & Bs in our open and green area to be Closed. Do not know how long we will last. We call on the Minister of Tourism and the government: "Open the B & Bs - 'Yesterday'"

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The Negev wants to say goodbye to the State of Israel, and to declare an independent tourism federation

To the full article

"It makes no sense for the B & Bs in the open area to be closed."

Ahuzat Roy B&B (Photo: Facebook Ahuzat Roy B&B)

96% decrease compared to September last year

As detailed in the law memorandum, the industry most severely affected as a result of the restrictions imposed is the tourism industry, which was at the peak of growth and the first area to be hit by the crisis and will be the last to recover from it, due to severe restrictions worldwide.

"Rural tourism has no choice but to rely on domestic tourism," say the owners of the B & Bs in question, "Lev Hahoresh", "Ahuzat Shoshanim", "Ahuzat Roy", "Villa Tuscany", "Hatufat Hapula" and "Suite Suite" (all in the Galilee) ).

Indeed, data from the Ministry of Tourism indicate that in September the decline in inbound tourism continued, with only 15.1 thousand tourist arrivals to Israel.

This is a decrease of 96% compared to September last year.

The cumulative number of tourist arrivals (January-September) this year is 783,000 compared to 3,295,000 arrivals in the corresponding period last year, which reflects a decrease of about 76%.

According to the owners of the Galilee B & Bs, "the existing compensation plan does not provide an appropriate economic solution and the owners of the rural complexes find themselves without an appropriate response and assistance from the state," even though they "do not ask for money to impose an economic burden on the state. "

They claim that there is no logic in excluding the city of Eilat and the Dead Sea area compared to freezing the current situation in the Negev and Galilee areas, and this constitutes prohibited discrimination. According to them, the field of rural tourism should be isolated based on small and isolated places from homes. The hotel is the largest and busiest hotel in the country, and no equal ruling should be imposed on them. In their letter, they say that they "can provide service without any contact or meetings with islanders who will arrive and enter the complex when it is ready to stay in a capsule, unlike the hotels excluded. "There are many employees who have not been examined by Corona and the dining rooms as well as the pool are public and crowded with guests - compared to the pool and kitchen in the rural accommodation complexes, which are private and without mixing between hosted capsules."

Why Eilat yes and B & Bs in nature no?

(Photo: Shutterstock)

"Irreversible economic damage"

They also point out that "the corona tests 48 hours before hosting the spenders, according to the law memorandum, are no more ridiculous for Rash - since who cares that hotel workers and residents of Eilat who can leave the city and return free and without tests, do not carry the virus and spread it among the spenders. Negative corona test ?! "

According to them, given the starting point that a gradual return of global tourism activity will occur only towards the third quarter of 2021 or even thereafter, then a significant percentage of rural tourism business will have difficulty surviving and it is necessary to return them to tourism as soon as possible.

"Now that traffic restrictions have been lifted, an absurd situation has arisen in which hundreds and thousands of people spend time in tourist sites in the periphery and the accommodations remain closed for no justifiable epidemiological reason," they claim. "As in Eilat and the Dead Sea, the closure The complexes and their families, and their livelihoods rely solely on the activity of accommodation facilities remote from alternative employment areas. "

"The economic damage caused by your avoidance of opening rural accommodation facilities is irreversible," they warn.

They further note that such an arrangement is necessary not only for the economic survival but for the well-being of the residents of the State of Israel, and quote the Minister of Tourism, who stressed a few days ago the importance of opening B & Bs in an outline. Both in terms of health and our mental well-being. "

"It's healthier as a family to go to a B&B than to grandparents."

B&B in the Jezreel Valley (illustration photo: Ziv Reinstein)

Most overnight stays in September: of Israelis (97%)

Relevant data from the Central Bureau of Statistics regarding overnight stays in the country published today, show that the total number of overnight stays in September stands at 0.7 million (2.2 million in September 2019).

Most of the overnight stays were by Israelis (97%).

The Minister of Tourism, Orit Farkash-Hacohen, today protested that the outline of the easing of the closure submitted to the Cabinet for approval does not include the issue of B & Bs.

"You put what you want here without a discussion, the B & Bs were also on the agenda, Ben Gurion Airport was blown up, the Sea of ​​Galilee was blown up," the minister said. "I will not leave here today without talking about the B &

Bs." I was sent to bring a proposal to the Cabinet and it was very difficult.

I also heard from the Ministry of Health about the B & Bs, and then I made a suggestion as to what can be put into the closure relief.

Education comes first. "

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