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Starting salary: 17,000 euros difference - you earn the most with this subject


The big paycheck beckons after graduation? Not with every academic. Which young professionals earn particularly well - and which are left behind.

The big paycheck beckons after graduation?

Not with every academic.

Which young professionals earn particularly well - and which are left behind.

The starting salary of academics * can usually be seen.

On closer inspection, however, there are major differences - and that already at the start of the career.

This is shown by a current study by the



Salary after studying: This is how much young professionals earn on average

In the first three years after graduation, career



around 48,100 euros gross

annually (median **).

Gender still plays a major role: While men can expect a starting salary of around 50,800 euros, women have to be satisfied with around 45,100 euros.

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** What is the median?

The median is the value that lies in the middle of all data: 50 percent are above the value, 50 percent below.

The median is therefore more accurate than the average, which can be distorted by outliers.

Starting salary: This is where you earn the most money

There are major differences, especially in the field of study.

It is best for bachelor's and master's degrees in


who start out with an annual


salary of around

51,000 euros




it hits good - waiting for them an entry level salary of around 50.00 euros.

Philip Bierbach, CEO of, knows why exactly these subjects are paid so well.


contrast, university graduates in the


, i.e. linguists and cultural scientists

, are worse off

: With around 33,500 euros, they earn

around 17,000 euros less gross

than engineering scientists.

And that at the start of your career.

This puts them in the last place in the salary comparison by far, far behind the natural scientists (47,500 euros) and economists (44,300 euros).

Starting salary according to subject




€ 51,032

€ 51,930

Computer science

€ 48,429

€ 50,751

Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)

€ 47,524

€ 50,253


€ 44,317

€ 46,853

Humanities (language and cultural studies)

€ 33,525

€ 35,489

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Doctorate is particularly worthwhile for humanities and natural scientists

In order to counteract this wage gap, a high degree, for example through a doctorate, is particularly worthwhile for humanities scholars and natural scientists.

Graduates from these subjects

increase their salaries by around 27 to 30 percent


But that's not all: “The doctorate is considered a 'career


' and

door opener for management positions

in many areas


Many board positions are still filled by PhD graduates, ”explains Bierbach.

Starting salary with doctorate (doctorate)



Salary increase compared to Bachelor & Master


€ 61,994

€ 66,532


Natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)

€ 61,867

€ 65,416


Computer science

€ 59,194

€ 62,666



€ 51,906

€ 52,743


Humanities (language and cultural studies)

€ 42,697

€ 45,683


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