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Experts warn: you should definitely do this before you retire


Retirement provision needs to be planned early - and not just at the last minute, warn experts. They say what is important for the statutory pension insurance.

Retirement provision needs to be planned early - and not just at the last minute, warn experts.

They say what is important for the statutory pension insurance.

Much in life needs to be planned - including

retirement *


If you want to find out what

claims from the statutory pension insurance

you can expect later, you shouldn't wait too long.

The first point of contact for questions about old-age provision is the

German Pension Insurance

, as the experts at Stiftung Warentest emphasize.

They advise free of charge on matters relating to the statutory pension and help those affected

to get


overview of their entitlements


The tip, so it says in an article on “You can make an

appointment for a pension



An employee then analyzes yours

statutory, company and private claims

, provides information about

gaps in


and gives advice on how to fill them. ”Appointments can be made by telephone (0 800/10 00 48 00) or online.

Experts advise: It is essential to plan your retirement provision early

In addition, prospective retirees can


support with the processes of

everything that has to be done

with a view to

retirement provision

from their


; some HR departments also work here.

But many

health insurance companies

can also provide further information.

Some community colleges offer courses for future retirees.

It is important to find out about everything at an early stage - and not just at the last minute, according to the urgent advice of experts.

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Despite increased private provision for old age,

pension insurance

in most households provides for the largest part of the income in old age, according to

In the future, however, the level of pensions will decrease compared to wages.

In the article, the experts provide an overview of the most important facts about the statutory pension:

Statutory pension - the most important information from Stiftung Warentest in brief

  • Contribution. 

    Employees pay 9.3 percent of their gross wages into the statutory pension insurance.

  • Pension amount. 

    The amount of the later pension depends on the amount of the gross wage and the number of years in which the payment was made.

  • East Germany. 

    Since wages are lower in East Germany, the same salary counts more for the pension in East Germany.

  • Deposits. 

    Within certain limits, voluntary payments into the pension insurance are also possible.

    They increase the later pension.

  • Early retirement. 

    Not everyone has to work until their regular retirement age.

    With enough contribution years, many can go into early retirement at 63.

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Statutory pension insurance - this is how high the contribution rate is

Month after month, the

pension contribution

deducted from the gross wage


“The contribution rate is currently 18.6 percent of the gross wage.

Of this, the employees bear 9.3 percent themselves, 9.3 percent are borne by the employer.

An employee who earns 4,000 euros gross per month has to transfer 372 euros of this to the pension fund, ”the experts calculate on

However, it will not stay that way: "Since baby boomers will retire in the future and a smaller number of contributors will have to provide more money for their pensions, the contribution rate will rise in the future."

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Pension contribution only up to the income threshold

However, employees only have to pay in up to a maximum limit, as the experts emphasize.


income threshold

is currently at 6,900 euros a month in western Germany and € 6,450 in eastern Germany.

Neither employee nor employer pay pension contributions on wages that flow beyond this.

But that also means that the pension entitlements are limited upwards. "

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Even the


explain the experts again soon - and take a look into the future: "The money that assumes the pension of the depositors is immediately paid back to the pensioners.

That is why the pension only rises if there are enough people who work and pay into the pension. "In the last few years this has worked well:" Since the economy has grown strongly in recent years, wages and thus also pension contributions have increased . ”The pensioners could therefore look forward to decent increases.

"Even in July 2020, pensions rose sharply again despite the Corona crisis." The consequences of the Corona crisis for pensions would become apparent "in 2021 at the earliest," says No pension guarantee. "

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The experts emphasize: "If you

want to maintain

the usual

standard of living in old age

, you need around 80 percent of the last net salary." A large part of this is covered by the statutory pension for employees.

“But there is still a big gap.” (

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