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Study at Aldi and Lidl: Lots of antibiotic-resistant germs in chickens


A new study reveals a severe germ load in chickens from Germany's largest poultry company. The products were also sold at the discounters Lidl and Aldi.

A new study reveals a severe germ load in chickens from Germany's largest poultry company.

The products were also sold at the discounters Lidl and Aldi.

  • New


    60 percent of the



    largest poultry company in Germany are contaminated

  • Chickens contain bacteria resistant to antibiotics

  • The poultry was also among the discounters





Kassel - shock for customers of

chicken meat


A new


proves that chicken products from the largest poultry company in Germany are dangerous.

The contamination represents a great danger for humans. The products were also


nationwide at the discounters





The study was carried out in summer 2020 on behalf of the environmental and development organization “Germanwatch”.

The news portal Ruhr24 * also reported on the shocking results.

Chicken at Lidl and Aldi contaminated: Study checks the quality of chicken meat at discounters

The non-profit organization


is a non-profit development and environmental organization based in Bonn that is committed to global justice and environmental protection.

Together with the association “


against factory


”, the study was commissioned from the Department of Medical Microbiology at the National Reference Center (NRZ) at the Ruhr University in Bochum.

In August and September 2020, experts from the university tested

chicken meat

from the three largest poultry companies in the European Union.

The question of the


: How good is the quality of the chicken from the supermarket.

The results reveal a very high level of contamination in the chicken meat, which is also found at

Lidl *


Aldi * was


Chicken meat at Aldi and Lidl: Germanwatch published a study with similar results in 2019

Chickens at Lidl and Aldi are contaminated: Study focuses on cheap meat

For the


, the testers took 165 samples from the “cheap range from




as well as from the

factories of

the corporations”, according to the results of the study.


chicken meat

comes from the German PHW Group, the French LDC Group and the Dutch Plukon Food Group.

To test the meat quality in different countries, the experts took samples from discounters and factory outlets in the following countries:

  • Germany

  • Poland

  • Spain

  • France

  • Holland

Chicken meat at Lidl and Aldi contaminated: All tested poultry companies fail

The results of the new



are appalling.


resistant germs

were found

in every second sample from

Aldi, Lidl

and factory sales


This applies to the

chicken meat

from all three poultry companies tested.

The samples from the German PHW group show the greatest contamination at 60 percent.

MRSA pathogens (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) were also found in some samples from the PHW group.

According to the


this pathogen could cause

skin infections and pneumonia as well as blood poisoning.

MRSA occurs through the skin and above all carries a risk of infection for the elderly and sick.

No MRSA pathogens were found in the other two poultry companies.

The percentage of contamination with

antibiotic-resistant germs

from the three poultry companies:

The company's chicken product

Percentage of samples contaminated

PHW Group (Germany)

59 percent

LDC group (France)

57 percent

Plukon Food Group (Netherlands)

36 percent

Chicken meat at Aldi and Lidl: Untreatable infectious diseases threaten

The chicken samples from

Aldi, Lidl

and the factory outlet were contaminated with germs that are resistant to



This means a double risk for customers.

On the one hand, Germanwatch warns in the study that the germs found can trigger serious infectious diseases in people.

Antibiotics are an effective drug against infectious diseases caused by bacteria.

You can save lives.

However, some pathogens mutate and develop resistance to different variants of the drug.

Then rarer types of antibiotics have to be prescribed - so-called reserve or emergency antibiotics.

The shocking thing about the results of the


: in every third

chicken sample

, pathogens were found that are also resistant to these rare emergency antibiotics.

In an emergency, patients can then not be treated with the drug.

Infection could lead to death.

Study: Chickens from EU poultry companies are spreading resistance to reserve antibiotics into our kitchens.

@EU_Commission decides: protect people or factory farming?

We demand: reserve antibiotics only for humans!

Today 9pm @ Frontal21:

- Germanwatch (@Germanwatch) October 27, 2020

Chicken meat at Aldi and Lidl: Germanwatch calls for no reserve antibiotics in factory farming

Germanwatch sees the reason for the contamination in the use of reserve antibiotics in animal breeding.

Chickens are usually given antibiotics as a precaution to prevent them from falling ill.

The frequent use of antibiotics increases the risk of developing resistant pathogens in the animals.

These get into people

via the sale at



i and Co.

In the course of the study, Germanwatch demands that poultry companies refrain from using reserve antibiotics that are so important for humans in animal breeding.

“The high 

rates of resistance

 - especially against reserve antibiotics -






Antibiotic resistance is an enormous 

health risk

 for people, "says



, animal husbandry expert at Germanwatch, according to Ruhr24.

"The more resistant pathogens are carried into the food chain and into our kitchens with chickens, the greater the health risk that these 'last resort' will lose their effectiveness," writes Germanwatch on its website.

Chicken meat at Aldi and Lidl: species-appropriate animal husbandry without antibiotics required

In addition to the abandonment of reserve antibiotics in factory farming, Gemanwatch also demands that “




husbandry procedures be

 legally anchored” and “

hygiene deficits



” be prosecuted, reports Ruhr24.

As an alternative to the contaminated cheap chickens from Lidl and Aldi, Germanwatch advises “


poultry meat




or farm slaughter”.

(Philipp Zettler)

* and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

Source: merkur

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