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"You are the Zionist enemy": Omer Adam storm continues | Israel today


"100 million Egyptians hate you" and other harsh reactions in the Arab world to Omar Adam's picture with Muhammad Ramadan in Dubai | native

"100 million Egyptians hate you" and other harsh reactions in the Arab world to Omar Adam's picture with Muhammad Ramadan in Dubai • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: "We received a lot of positive reactions"

Although Omar Adam has been in Dubai for quite some time, the singer has also managed to produce from a distance titles that have caused the entire Middle East to stir, so much so that even the Foreign Ministry is required to address the issue.

مفن دوما يجمعنا .. عرض الإعلامي الإماراتي حمد المزرويي

- إسرائيل بالعربية (@IsraelArabic) November 21, 2020

What led to the beginning of the storm that contained the explosive combination of politics, history and angry surfers, is a picture that surfaced last night (Saturday) in a person's story and in parallel on several social media channels, showing Omar Adam (27) Muhammad Ramadan (32), a singer, actor, dancer and a famous usher with tens of millions of fans in the Arab world.

The image, which also appeared on Israel's official Twitter page in Arabic, managed to produce an attack of particularly angry reactions, especially on the Arab side of the map, which condemned the move, harshly attacked Israel and Ramadan and even called for its boycott.

Below the picture on Israel's official page in Arabic on Twitter was written "Art brings with it unity", but it seems that less respondents agreed with the statement and hundreds of angry reactions accumulated below it: "A shameful and embarrassing picture for the Egyptians. It does not represent us", tweeted an angry surfer and hundreds more His words in angry reactions use harsh words: "The vast majority of Egyptians hate Israel even if there is peace. Omar will not receive love or affection from us. The Egyptian child born is educated to hate Israel."

Other tweets expressed the same message: "We as the Egyptian people do not recognize the Zionist gangs responsible for the occupation of Israel. People like Ramadan are exploited for money. For the ordinary citizen, his first and last enemy is the Zionist entity," "Dirt always meets each other." I swear in the name of God that the entire Egyptian people will oppress you, "" You are the Zionist enemy, "and" He is one man. 100 million Egyptians hate you. Long live the free state of Palestine. "

A video that adds a little more oil to the fire documents that where Muhammad Ramadan was photographed with Omar Adam, the melody of "Let's


" was played in the background

# محمد_رمضان

- Moran T موران ت (@ MoranT555) November 21, 2020

While in the Arab world the winds were raging, on the Israeli side of the map it seemed that the diplomatic crisis, which was growing more and more intense, provoked more cynical reactions on the verge of ridicule, and the whole storm mainly served as a fertile ground for political discussions: " "If you just believe," it was written cynically about Adam, and others added about Ramadan: "Poor thing, he went for it. 'Normalization is a betrayal.'

"Lol 'Peace' with Egypt and Jordan? Non-war agreement more appropriate. Decades of 'peace' with Egypt and a stormy picture. Tell me more about peace. Doing with enemies, with the UAE and Bahrain, flags in the markets, paragon and love with the people, "Full normalization at once. The whole perception of the Israeli left of peace with Arabs is collapsing."

"If it was a Palestinian singer, he would be forced to sing non-stop for 25 hours," another joke tweeted, adding another cynically: "He should be given political asylum."

"Egypt is * not * Dubai and normalizing with the Gulf has no effect on the Egyptian hostility rooted in the people," another tweet read, "they probably called him a 'big star' and took pictures or he was drunk. Tomorrow he will probably come back."

Call for people to stop following Muhammad Ramadan's YouTube page

- Moran T موران ت (@ MoranT555) November 21, 2020

"What happened to Egypt? What happened to Samallah on you? And if cousins ​​were photographed, what's wrong here? What happened?

"He will convert and change his name to Moshe Ram Adam and move to Israel."

There were also those who wanted to calm down what they saw as the "media inflation" of the affair on the Israeli side as well, when the media channels were quick to report in headlines that shouted: "A storm in the Arab world."

"Caused a storm in Egypt and the Arab world? Do we not 'accidentally' have peace with Egypt and four other Arab countries ?!", he tweeted and added: "As the well-known Arab proverb says, the sea is the same sea and ... there is no point in continuing. Mint or Sheba ?! ".

The tweet MoranT555, who describes herself as a proud Zionist Israeli who loves the Arabic language and music, delved into the affair and provided detailed information she gathered from Arab sources on the network, noting, among other things: , "Supporter of the scores", and updates: "The Cairo 24 account asks followers whether they are for or against the removal of Muhammad Ramadan from the Players' Association," and that a call is also emerging to boycott his popular YouTube page (which has about 11.5 million followers).

Do not share with any of the #machine_requestations from the data of the user ... Share the file

- القاهرة 24 (@ cairo24_) November 22, 2020

Survey tweet - whether to exclude Ramadan from the Players' Association

In addition, she also uploaded to her Twitter page a video documenting the place where Muhammad Ramadan was photographed with Omar Adam, with the melody of "Let's Reveal" clearly heard in the background.

Among the reactions on the Israeli side, one could also find those who saw a reason for the defect in publishing the picture in an official account on behalf of the state: "The reactions there are not exactly sympathetic. The Foreign Ministry made a stinking and stupid piece of it," it said.

Journalist and commentator on Arab affairs, Shimrit Meir, delved into the issue on her Twitter, tweeting: "The Foreign Ministry was wrong when it outlined Muhammad Ramadan who was photographed with Omar Adam. The kind of things not to do. "Sisi's media refers to this. So far, the apologetics of what I did not know have been largely echoed. One could expect more from them," she tweeted and received a response from Yiftach Kuriel, director of digital diplomacy at the Foreign Ministry, who wrote: That we do on a regular basis. The picture was published extensively, including in the Egyptian media, even before our publication, so there was no outing. You must have noticed that a number of posts on the subject were also uploaded in the Dutz channels familiar to you;

Curious to know why in your opinion the "Foreign Ministry was wrong". "

"Personally and given the sensitivity, I would not have published without permission from the person being photographed," Meir tweeted in response, adding: "The most quoted post for my impression is yours."

The Foreign Ministry erred in outlining Muhammad Ramadan who was photographed with Omar Adam.

The kind of thing you don't do.

In fact, the campaign against Muslim Brotherhoods and various Jazaires is expected.

The question is how does Sisi's media relate to this.

So far largely echoing the apologetics of I did not know.

You could expect more from them

- Shimrit Meir Shimrit Meir (@shimritmeir) November 22, 2020

On behalf of Omar Adam, it was stated:

"There is no response."

Foreign Ministry Response:

"The Foreign Ministry has been working for years to create a direct dialogue on social networks with the Arab world. We hold dozens of official accounts on social networks in Arabic and Persian, creating daily bridges to our neighbors throughout the Middle East. These accounts have millions of followers and hundreds of millions of comments a month.

"We see great importance in promoting cultural collaborations between Israel and the Arab world, which create a cushion for dialogue that deals with non-political or religious issues, and allows many citizens in neighboring countries to talk to Israel and Israel in a positive and constructive way. This specific publication has been published in dozens of channels. "In Israel, in the Arab world and even in Egypt, even before it was published in the pages of the Foreign Ministry in Arabic. In the discourse that has been created, we have received a lot of positive reactions and we will be happy to continue to publish such cultural collaborations."

Source: israelhayom

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