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The mysterious monolith mystery that was discovered in the middle of the desert was solved - and then it suddenly disappeared - Walla! Tourism


A mysterious metallic monolith was accidentally located in the middle of the Utah desert and sparked a wave of speculation about it, from aliens to a movie set, but now it seems to be the one responsible for its construction (though it is still unclear how it got to the isolated location) - then suddenly it disappeared!

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The mysterious monolithic mystery discovered in the middle of the desert has been solved - and then it suddenly disappears

A mysterious metallic monolith was accidentally located in the middle of the Utah desert and sparked a wave of speculation about it, from aliens to a movie set, but now it seems to be the one responsible for its construction (though it is still unclear how it got to the isolated location) - then suddenly it disappeared!


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Sunday, 29 November 2020, 23:56

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Monolith found in Utah Red Desert (Utah Department of Public Safety / reuters)

A Utah Public Safety Department (DPS) scanning team flew low in a helicopter over Red Rock Land last week and scanned the landscape.

The team worked with the Wildlife Resources Division to count the population of large-horned sheep roaming this isolated part of the desert in southeastern Utah.

But instead of the climbing animals, something else caught the researchers' attention - a shiny metallic monolith that stood out prominently in the red rocks.

A strange three-sided structure that stood out in the desert around it and resembled something out of a science fiction movie - mostly a space odyssey.

Since the discovery, many speculations have surfaced about how this montal came to the isolated place, but it seems that the mystery was solved over the weekend.

"One of the biologists spotted him and we just flew directly over him," pilot Brett Hutchings told local television station KSL.

"He started mumbling - 'Wow, wow, wow, turn around, turn around!'

And I was like, 'What?'

And he said - 'There's this thing there - we need to go look at it!' ".

The crew went down on foot to take a closer look at the object and found that it was a structure about 3 or 4 meters high, and it was well anchored in the rocks below.

"We joked among ourselves that if one of us disappears suddenly, then we all run away," he said. Many of them thought they were looking at a structure besieged by a "foreign life form", but as soon as they got closer they realized the object had screws and was probably man-made - and now It was revealed exactly who put it there.

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To the full article

This is what the monolith looks like

(Photo: Reuters, Utah Department of Public Safety)

Monolith discovered in Utah (Photo: Reuters, Utah Department of Public Safety)

Although the object is clearly man-made, the mimics had no idea why it was there - or who could have put it there, as Lia Asmelesh reported on CNN.

In videos provided by Utah's DPS, crew members are seen climbing the sloping red rocks in the area to take a closer look.

Utah's DPS released photos and videos of the findings last Monday but was careful not to reveal the exact location of the monolith.

In a statement, officials warned that curious people trying to reach the site could be harmed or lost if they tried to find the structure.

"The exact location has not been revealed as it is in a very remote area and if people were trying to visit there, there is a significant possibility they might get stuck and need rescue. We urge anyone who knows the monolith's location not to try to visit it because of road conditions," the department warned.

Of course this did not prevent the network experts from finding its coordinates in the place of Google Earth and even finding out that until 2016 the building was not there.

As the monolith sits on federal government-managed lands, the Utah Land Management Bureau added that "the use, occupation or development of public lands or their resources without the required permit is illegal, no matter what planet you are from."

Deputy Nick Street, a DPS spokesman, told the Times that authorities are confident the building is someone's art installation, or an attempt at it. "The local land management bureau will soon decide whether to investigate the building or not, but while officials remain confused by the strange object, they are happy About one thing: the sheep counting mission was successful.

And the solution to the mystery is ...

Of course, there has been a lot of speculation on the Internet about the origin of the monolith when many are of course convinced that those responsible are aliens.

As reported in Gizmodo, those who tried to locate the coordinates of the structure using satellite images from Google Earth.

The building was said to sit very close to Canyonlands National Park, leading to speculation that it may be a remnant of Hollywood scenery.

Several well-known movies and TV shows were filmed in the park, including HBO's "Westworld," which began filming in 2016, as well as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Thelma and Louise and 127 Hours and more.

The structure of the monolith has led many to compare it to a scene in Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic film: A Space Odyssey, in which monoliths sent from outer space affect human evolution and convey mysterious messages from aliens.

However, most of this film was shot and produced in England.

"Was the monolith an accessory in a big-budget movie or TV show? That question is still up in the air, but it seems like a more plausible explanation than aliens. Although we really hope it was aliens," Gizmodo wrote.

In any case, a spokesman for the Utah Film Commission told the New York Times that "to the best of our knowledge, the monolith found in Utah is not part of a film production."

Some art lovers were also quick to make comparisons between the bizarre monolith and the work of John McCracken (1934-2011), an American minimalist sculptor who worked on the West Coast for most of his life, specializing in flat sculptures that usually consisted of a single, monochromatic panel leaning against a wall.

But even these theories were falsified, at least initially: "While this is not a work by the late American artist John McCracken, we suspect it is a work by a fellow artist who pays homage to McCracken," a spokesman for the Art Gallery Zweiner told Art.

McCracken lived in New Mexico before his death in 2011 and his work is now represented by the David Zwiner Gallery which later published a statement for the New and Only Times that "gallery experts disagree on this issue, but most of us believe it's definitely John's work. Who knew 2020's a surprise "Another for us. Just when we thought we saw everything."

On Wednesday, David Zwiner tweeted: "The Utah portal is in our gallery on 20th Street."

The tweet had a picture of what looked like an almost identical statue found in a New York gallery, seemingly confirming the fact that the Utah desert monolith was indeed made by John McCracken - but it is still unclear exactly how it got to the middle of the desert.

The tweet that solved the mystery?


Despite the warnings - there were those who found the place and came to it

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The mystery gets complicated - the monolith is gone

But just as the mystery appeared to be solved - CNN reported that the monolith had disappeared from the scene after being taken by "unknown sources" sometime over the weekend, the Utah Land Management Department said in a Facebook post.

"We have received credible reports that the illegally installed structure, known as a 'monolith,' has been removed from Utah's public lands.

We did not remove the building, which is considered a private property, so the investigation passes into the hands of the local sheriff. "

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