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When is the right time to buy the Christmas tree?


If you can't wait for the fresh scent of the Christmas tree to come, you should buy the piece of jewelry weeks before Christmas Eve. But does that make sense?

If you can't wait for the fresh scent of the Christmas tree to come, you should buy the piece of jewelry weeks before Christmas Eve.

But does that make sense?

For many, the magnificently decorated Christmas tree * is the highlight of the holidays.

Colorful Christmas tree baubles ensure dazzling splendor, while the scent of fresh fir, pine or spruce branches wafts through the familiar home.

For some, the motto is: the earlier, the better.

But does it make sense to buy or set up the Christmas tree weeks before Christmas Eve?

That's what experts say about it.

When is the best time to buy a Christmas tree?

It is obvious: the later the tree was felled and the shorter it has to be stored, the longer it will of course last.

According to information from the Natural Christmas Tree Association

, around two thirds only buy their tree after the third Advent


According to the Christmas tree growers, those who get it earlier don't have a problem either: if properly cared for, the felled trees can last for

four to six weeks


By the way, you can tell whether a tree is freshly felled, regardless of when it was bought.

It should be

white and not already gray

, explains the NRW Chamber of Agriculture.

If you want it to stay fresh as long as possible: When can the Christmas tree come into the house?

It's more fun in the past, because you just have something from the Advent decorations for longer.

But later is better for the tree.

It is logical that the

warm and dry heating air in the room dries out the tree more quickly


But the Natural Christmas Tree Association recommends that you set up the tree

one day before you start decorating it

and free it from its net.

He needs this time to bring his branches back to their original position.

A tip: cut open the net from top to bottom.

Buying a Christmas tree: how do I store it before moving into the house?

Ideally, it stays in the network, which is more practical, and in a

sun and wind-protected place outdoors or in a garage

until it is set up.

So that the tree can get a good supply of water by then, the trunk can be shortened by about two to three centimeters after purchase.

Incidentally, this is a service that the sales outlets often still offer on site.

Then the tree is put in a bucket full of water and is regularly sprayed with a water mist, is the advice of the Christmas tree producers.

Also interesting

: did you know?

That's how many insects you can bring into your home with a Christmas tree.

How much water does the Christmas tree need in the house?

Quite a lot!

Trees that are two meters high require around

two liters of water a day

, according to the experts.

However, the water requirement can increase depending on the location in the room.

It is advised, for example, not to place the tree in front of a heater or an oven, otherwise it will dry out and lose its needles more quickly.

It can also be useful to spray it with a water mist here now and then.

This increases the humidity in the microclimate around the tree.

Maintaining the Christmas tree: do additives in the water bring anything?

Opinions differ here: As long as the tree has been shortened and the trunk is in the water, further aids such as glycerine are superfluous, the Association of Natural Christmas Tree announced.

The Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald, on the other hand, advises


a tablespoon of sugar or some fresh


to the water

- this is the powder in the small packaging that you often get when you buy a bouquet.

And the NRW Chamber of Agriculture sums it up like this: Adding sugar or freshness-retaining agents would neither harm the trees nor keep them fresh for longer.

However, she clearly advises against using glycerine or antifreeze.

The tree will then turn brown-red and mold will form in the water.

(dpa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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