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Berlin - verdict in the Drohmail trial: "He wanted to shock"


André M. is said to have sent hate mail and bomb threats. The trial against him unearthed terrible fantasies about amok. They only came to light because he confessed a woman's plans - out of love.

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Defendant André M. before the Moabit Criminal Court in Berlin


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"Mr. M., let yourself be treated!" At the very end of the verdict, the presiding judge appeals again urgently to the accused.

If André M. does not allow himself to be treated in forensic psychiatry, he will "unfortunately have to stay there for a very long time," the judge told the 32-year-old on Monday.

 The 10th Large Criminal Chamber of the Berlin Regional Court has no doubt that André M. is a danger to the general public.

"We are sure that the accused is extremely dangerous," says the presiding judge Thorsten Braunschweig.

"We are convinced that the worst crimes really threaten if he does not allow himself to be treated." André M. has a pronounced "hatred of himself, of people, actually of everything".

"He has nothing to lose," says Judge Braunschweig.

"We're sure bad things would happen if he got out on the streets now."

The Chamber is convinced that between December 2018 and April 2019, André M. sent threatening e-mails nationwide to courts, authorities, police stations, shopping centers, the media and members of the Bundestag under the name »National Socialist Offensive«.

With his inhuman, anti-Semitic and racist remarks, the accused wanted to worry the population and attack the democratic system of the Federal Republic.

"He wanted to shock."

The court sentenced André M. to a total imprisonment of four years for disturbing the public peace in the unity of acts with complete and attempted coercion in 26 cases and for attempted coercion in nine cases.

At the same time, the Chamber ordered his placement in the forensic psychiatry.

Due to a serious personality disorder, André M. was only less responsible for the crime.

If the judgment becomes final, André M. will have to stay in a clinic for an indefinite period of time.

Sadistic violent fantasies about Helene Fischer

The "National Socialist Offensive" threatened shootings, bomb attacks and the painful killing of girls.

The hate mail also contained sadistic violent fantasies about the singer Helene Fischer.

In some emails, the author asked Helene Fischer not to sing any more German songs, otherwise people would die.

The court has no doubt that André M. wrote the threatening emails.

A police IT expert discovered fragments of some threatening emails on his computer.

A linguistic expert compared the style, choice of words, spelling and grammatical errors of the threats with letters from André M.

She also came to the conclusion that André M. wrote the emails for the »National Socialist Offensive«.

When André M. was arrested in April 2019, the series of threats broke off.

The bomb threats sparked police operations and the evacuation of courts, town halls and train stations.

Rail traffic was suspended, and an aircraft remained on the ground after being threatened.

The Chamber regards these cases as complete coercion.

Other cases in which such high-publicity reactions did not take place because the recipients did not take the letters seriously were judged by the court as attempted coercion.

The judges are convinced that André M's killing fantasies should be taken seriously.

 André M., 32, is an emaciated, black-clad man with ash-blonde hair that he has tied in a ponytail.

Until his imprisonment he lived with his parents in Halstenbek near Hamburg.

He hung the walls of his room over and over with Nazi devotional objects.

Strong affinity for right-wing extremism

He had hardly left the house recently.

He spent his days in front of the computer.

André M. collected images depicting sexualised violence, was interested in the construction of weapons and the manufacture of explosives and loved to use the darknet, the hidden part of the Internet.

André M. is not your average defendant, says the judge.

André M. has a strong affinity for right-wing extremism, weapons and explosives and suffers from numerous fears.

For fear of vomiting, André M. hardly consumes any food or fluids.

There were days of negotiations when he could only move with great difficulty and extremely slowly.

Most recently, he was able to negotiate for a maximum of two hours a day.

His physical condition did not allow more.

A benign, inoperable tumor was discovered in André M. at the age of eight.

As a child, he spent several months in the hospital.

In the opinion of the court, the illness changed the life of the accused "in a considerable way".

From then on, he had to avoid any physical exertion and give up football, karate and competitive gymnastics.

At school, he was teased by his classmates.

"He developed fantasies of violence towards his classmates, which he also lived out." He hit a boy on the head with a stone and maltreated another with barbed wire.

André M. dropped out of school after the seventh grade, never learned a trade and had spent several years in prison and in psychiatry because of property damage and bodily harm.

"He repeatedly committed other crimes that became increasingly violent," says the judge.

He was last released in October 2018.

Shortly afterwards, he met a woman on Facebook.

The two soon communicated with each other on a daily basis, spending whole days for months exchanging messages via voice messages.

They fell in love and, in the opinion of the court, had a kind of relationship "although they never met".

It was the time when André M. finally began to send threatening emails.

André M. shared his amok fantasies with his girlfriend.

The board had dozens of his voice messages played during the trial.

André M. speaks of his hatred and his desire to kill himself and others.

The defense dismissed the killing fantasies as crazy.

The voice messages were just fun.

The court disagrees.

"That was anything but senseless chatter," says Richter Braunschweig: "It wasn't fun, it was serious."

André M. denies having written the threatening emails.

"You should look in the investigative authorities to see where the perpetrator really is," he said in his Last Word on Monday.

He apparently wants to direct suspicion to the so-called NSU 2.0.

The "NSU 2.0" sent threatening letters to the Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz.

The letters contained private data of the lawyer, which had previously been accessed by a Hessian police computer.

The court was unable to convince André M.

 The defense had demanded an acquittal for their client.

The public prosecutor's office and accessory prosecution requested four years and three months' imprisonment and psychiatric placement.

The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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Source: spiegel

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