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Alcohol abstinence: can you drink wine and beer on a low-carb diet?


Are you looking for low-carb diets? You shouldn't forget your good intentions when drinking alcohol either. You have to know that about wine and co.

Are you looking for low-carb diets?

You shouldn't forget your good intentions when drinking alcohol either.

You have to know that about wine and co.

At the beginning of the year in particular, many people decide to eat healthier * or even lose a little weight.


low carb

method is becoming increasingly popular


In short: you consume food that is low in carbohydrates, most of which are found in bread, pasta, potatoes and sweets.

However, you don't have to go hungry: The reduced number of carbohydrates is usually offset by

increased protein

, and you also eat a lot of

vegetables and fruit


If this is not difficult for you when you change your diet, that's great.

But you may be wondering how it is with the



Do you have to completely do without wine and the like with a

low-carb diet


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Drinking alcohol on a low-carb diet: are beer and wine allowed?

The bad news first: Many alcoholic beverages are

high in carbohydrates


This includes, for example, beer (three to twelve grams per 350 milliliters) due to the starch in wheat or barley.

Alcoholic mixed drinks are also often full of

sugar or fruit juice

(and therefore fructose).

You should also keep your hands off cocktails and mixed drinks with soft drinks.

But now for the good news: If you are on a

low carb diet

, not all types of alcohol are taboo.

It depends on which drink you choose - and that you


in moderation


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Low-carb diet and alcohol: These are the drinks you can enjoy

  • Wine:

    Red wine and white wine contain only 3-4 grams of carbohydrates per glass (140 ml).

    You don't have to do without the occasional glass of wine in the evening during a low-carb diet.

    Reach for

    dry red or white wines

    , these have less residual sugar than lovely wines.

    The same goes for sparkling wine.

  • Light beer:

    The alternative to conventional beer, for example, only contains 3 grams of carbohydrates per 350 milliliters.

    So if it is supposed to be beer, you should prefer a light version.

  • High-proof:

    Rum, gin, whiskey and vodka contain 0 grams of carbohydrates and are therefore allowed in a low-carb diet - if you enjoy them pure.

    This means, however,

    that you have to do


    mixed drinks

    such as rum-cola, otherwise you will destroy the low carbohydrate content of the alcohol with the sugary addition.

Alcohol Consumption Survey:

When choosing your alcoholic drink, keep in mind that it's

not just about the carbohydrates


There are seven kilocalories for one gram of alcohol, which means you are consuming plenty of extra calories even with just one glass a day.


“empty” calories

that do not provide any vitamins or other nutrients can cause you to gain weight over time.

In addition, excessive consumption of alcohol inhibits

fat burning


So if you are on a low-carbohydrate diet, you should really only drink small amounts of alcohol.

(mad) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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