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Always cold hands and feet: this could be the cause of this dangerous phenomenon


Are you slim and always have cold hands? Women know this well enough. Often the cause is harmless - but an illness can also be the trigger.

Are you slim and always have cold hands?

Women know this well enough.

Often the cause is harmless - but an illness can also be the trigger.

It is mostly women who fight with cold hands and feet - especially in winter.

The most diverse causes are discussed, for example:

  • low blood pressure

  • Anemia

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Circulatory disorders

However, serious illnesses such as heart failure can also be the result of constantly cold hands and feet.

Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and initiate the appropriate therapy - therefore, if you are unsure, trust your doctor.

Possible consequences of Flammer's syndrome: cancer to anorexia

In a recently published message from the University Hospital Bonn, Prof. Dr.

Olga Golubnitschaja, Head of Experimental Radiology at the University Hospital Bonn, on another cause that could be behind ever cold hands:

the so-called Flammer Syndrome


Typical for this disease are:

  • cold hands and feet,

  • Headache migraine,

  • Difficulty falling asleep,

  • Tinnitus,

  • a slim to lean stature,

  • low blood pressure,

  • reduced feeling of thirst,

  • good smell,

  • perfectionism

  • and sensitivity to pain.

In the video: Other possible causes of cold hands

Primary vascular dysregulation, a special form of circulatory disorder, causes Flammer's syndrome.

According to Golubnitschaja, early diagnosis and treatment is important, because Flammer's syndrome promotes the development of glaucoma (glaucoma; an eye disease) and can further serious secondary diseases.

Doctors see a connection between Flammer Syndrome and 

cancers such as breast cancer, cardiovascular diseases, mouth and vaginal dryness, chronic inflammation, slow wound healing, strokes at a young age and mental illnesses such as anorexia.

Preventing secondary diseases: treating Flammer's syndrome

Golubnitschaja sees Flammer's syndrome as a major health risk, especially for slim people


"It is therefore time to support this research area in a variety of ways," she said in an interview: "Flammer syndrome has a huge advantage for early and preventive diagnosis, namely that the symptoms of Flammer syndrome appear very early in life, mostly at puberty. At this age one has the rare opportunity to work on reversible health problems cheaply - in contrast to advanced age, when the already clinically manifested diseases can often only be treated to a limited extent effectively. We must not miss this opportunity ".

The following therapies and lifestyle changes

should help to alleviate the symptoms and prevent secondary diseases of Flammer's syndrome:

  • good protection from the cold

  • Stress reduction (e.g. through meditation and other relaxation methods)

  • regular exercise

  • adequate sleep

  • Maintain normal weight

  • balanced nutrition

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