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These gardening tasks are due for you in January


While the garden is idle in January, the time can be used for preparations. Read here how you can give your garden a smooth start to the season.

While the garden is idle in January, the time can be used for preparations.

Read here how you can give your garden a smooth start to the season.

  • January can be used to plan the bedding for the coming season.

  • Winter vegetables can be harvested and the first vegetables are brought forward.

  • The winter month is also ideal for caring for trees and shrubs.

During the cold season, the garden is usually quiet *, but there is still

a lot to prepare in the vegetable and ornamental garden


Vegetables such as peppers can now be sown.

Or you can devote yourself to the strawberry plants that were planted in late summer.

The trees and bushes in the garden also need to be cared for so that they can bloom in spring.

This time is also a good time to finish raised beds and cold frame boxes.

Gardening in winter: prepare the kitchen garden in January

The bell pepper is a vegetable that is slow to develop.

It is therefore worthwhile to use them for the vegetable patch as early as January.

There is a wide variety of paprika seeds to choose from for your favorites.

Proceed as follows:

  • It is best to plant the seeds directly in smaller boxes or pots.

  • Ideally, use herbal soil or special potting soil.

  • Store at temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius in a bright place, out of direct sunlight.

  • As soon as the first leaves develop, repot the plants individually.

  • It is also important to keep the soil moist, but not wet.

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Winter time: Provide the strawberry plants with the necessary care

It is worth taking a look at the strawberry plants at the beginning of the year.

These were already planted in late summer and now need your attention in order to fully develop in summer.

But if you forgot the plants in summer, it is not too late.

Simply plant a few strawberry plants in the pot in February.

Remove dead leaves

and carefully push the roots back into the soil.

To prepare the bed for the strawberries, you can start loosening the soil in January.

Add ripe compost and give the soil a chance to settle.

Start planning your gardening in January

In order to avoid having to worry about time, it is advisable to start planning your garden in winter.

So you already know in advance when to plant which seeds.

Cultivation plans


to keep track of things

and not forget anything.

In addition to the cultivation plan, it is also important to think about a raised bed and cold frame boxes.

These should also be planned and built in January.

This enables you to sow some types of vegetables.

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Cut fruit trees and bushes in January

If January is mild and the weather allows it, then the

pruning of the fruit trees

can already


In addition to apples, the types of fruit that should now be treated include quinces and pears.

In order to treat any cuts, the edges are cut off smooth with a sharp knife and wiped dry with a towel.

Then a wound protection agent is applied with a brush.

In the

event of lichen infestation, it

should be checked whether there is a

lack of nutrients


soil compaction


In any case, it helps to work with a special fertilizer.

Gardening in January: properly caring for the greenhouse

You should also keep an eye on the greenhouse in winter.

For example, if it is very snowed in, it can stress the roof structure and damage it.

To prevent this, it is worth buying a greenhouse in advance that has a steeper roof.

This allows the snow to slide off more quickly and the roof remains undamaged.

It is also often worthwhile





with an electric frost monitor * (promotional link)


If you do not have the opportunity to set up a large greenhouse in the garden, there is a simple solution here: A greenhouse tent * (promotional link).

You can use it to grow plants, flowers or fruit and vegetables at any time, even in winter.

(swa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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My beautiful garden

Crocus can be a herald of winter or spring

Crocus can be a herald of winter or spring

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