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Apple wants to replace iPhone: New technology "changes the way you work, learn, play ..."


The rumor mill is seething: According to an insider report, Apple wants to end the smartphone age. iPhones are to be replaced by a new technology.

The rumor mill is seething: According to an insider report, Apple wants to end the smartphone age.

iPhones are to be replaced by a new technology.

  • According to an insider report, Apple is planning an

    augmented reality offensive


  • So far, all products from the


    sector have flopped on the market.

  • Apple

    now seems to be sure of its cause.

Kassel - It has revolutionized media consumption and



triumphant advance of the smartphone

: Apple's iPhone has permanently changed the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.

The US company is now planning the next


Smartphones will soon be history.

Apple wants to make

augmented reality glasses suitable for the masses


At the end of 2017, a report from the media company Bloomberg made headlines:

Apple was

working on an

augmented reality headset


It was said at the time that the product would soon be ready for the market.

Three years later, not much has officially changed in this area.

According to a report, Apple is planning an augmented reality offensive

But now new

insider reports are

heating up

the rumor mill.

According to the website, new details on


future AR offensive were discussed

in an internal presentation


An informant reports:


wants to bring its first fully functional AR headset to the market in 2022.


legal form



April 1, 1976


Cupertino, California (USA)

Number of employees

137,000 (as of September 2019)


$ 260.174 billion (2018/19)

A year later, a new version of

AR glasses will


AR glasses will



by 2030


At least that's what Apple assumes.

The basic concept of

augmented reality


  • Augmented Reality (AR) is translated into German as

    augmented reality


    This is understood to mean the perception of reality with the help of a computer-aided extension - for example a

    cell phone


  • Often, the term is only understood to mean the visual representation of information.

    This technology can be seen in museums, for example, with images with additional information.

  • Apps that translate text directly from an image into a language are also a form of

    augmented reality


  • Augmented reality is also used in sports television broadcasts - for example, to show the distance of a free kick in


    with a line.

  • The basic concept of augmented reality is an additional display of information.

    In contrast to

    virtual reality

    , it is not about immersing yourself in another world.

  • Augmented reality can address all human sensory modalities and is therefore versatile.

Previous experiments with

augmented reality wearables

for the face have already attracted attention in the past.

However, the breakthrough of this


failed because

of mass adaptation.

The best-known example of this is probably the

Google Glass




in 2013


It consisted of a futuristic looking glasses frame with a small transparent display in front of the left eye.

Will the smartphone age end soon?

Apple is apparently sure of its cause

The idea at the time: users should be able to view information such as time, weather and received messages directly in their field of vision - without having to take their


out of their pocket.

However, comparatively few functions could be used on the device.

Not many customers showed interest and the “Google Glass 2015” project was at least closed to the public.

Check out this post on Instagram

$ {caption}

$ {footer} $ {time}

Similar competitor projects also had little success.


“Focals by North” experiment supported




designs suitable for everyday use - but the functions there are also very limited.

The unsuccessful products showed: "

Smart glasses

" and

data glasses

are, if anything, a thing of the distant future.

Apple is buying up companies that deal with augmented reality




certain of its cause


And experts are also making

positive forecasts


The market research company IDC has calculated: Sales of

VR and

AR glasses are

expected to increase from around 9 million units in 2019 to up to 68 million units in 2023.

For years,


has been buying up

small companies that deal with "

Augmented Reality

" and other technologies necessary for "Smart Glasses".

“Augmented Reality is a new way of using technology.

It changes the way you work, study, play and interact with almost everything around you.

And that is just the beginning.

Welcome to a new world,

”writes Apple on its website.

What comes after the iPhone

Apple has an augmented reality vision

Apple's vision

: to create stylish and fully functional glasses that use

augmented reality

to project

all the functions that are important in everyday life

into the field of vision

without being connected to a smartphone


It seems that the company is certain that this new technology will gradually end the smartphone age over the next few years.

But before the group declared smartphones superfluous, the new iPhone 12 was first presented at the Apple keynote - but there is already criticism here because accessories are missing.

(Jan Wendt)

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