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Home office due to Corona: back pain - how to get rid of it


Because of the corona pandemic, many employees are currently working from home. This often means more pain for the back.

Because of the corona pandemic, many employees are currently working from home.

This often means more pain for the back.

  • Working in




    causing many for


    in the



  • With these tips,

    back pain

    will soon be a thing of the past.

  • Our editorial team recommends guided

    yoga exercises

    for at home.

Kassel - Because of the ongoing


pandemic, many are back in the

home office


Very few people have an ergonomic workplace.

This often leads to persistent


in the



Physical therapy or physical therapy is not an option for many during lockdown.

But in most cases it doesn't even need to be.

We have summarized some options for you to independently treat back pain.


Pain in the back: The Corona home office is a physical challenge for many.

With these tips you can get rid of the pain again.

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Home office during Corona: effectively combating back pain with the right exercises

It feels like most of the tips and tricks you can find on the Internet only help prevent


in the



Often, however, the topic is only dealt with when the back is already hurting.

During the

Corona home office,

most back pain is likely to come from a wrong posture - because many employees do not have a proper workplace at Huase and work from the kitchen table or the couch.



between 74 and 85 percent of the population suffer from back pain at least once in their life.

Back pain caused by tension can often be resolved with just short exercises.




Pain, restricted musculoskeletal system


74% to 85% of Germans have back pain at one point in their life

Corona home office: effectively combating back pain

Various exercises help

against the



Various exercises can be found on that can relieve pain in the



The length of the exercises varies between 10 minutes and over an hour.

In the

Corona home office in particular

, it is possible to do one of the shorter exercises even during the lunch break.

Exercises should be chosen based on where the pain is.

For example, neck, upper back or lower back.

Corona 2021: With videos against home office pain in the back



in the

back of

our editorial recommends yoga exercises.

For example, suitable exercises for beginners and advanced users can be found on Mady Morris' YouTube channel.

Check out this post on Instagram

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The video format impresses with its simple imitation effect.

The exercises can be copied one to one.

Due to the simultaneous execution, one's own posture can always be checked and controlled.

This prevents injuries and tension during the exercises.

Home office thanks to Corona: It depends on the right attitude

In contrast to the office, the workplace in your own four walls is often not designed for ergonomic working methods.

Even if many

have upgraded

to the

Corona home office

, the ergonomics will probably

not come close

to the workplace in the office for very few.

This often leads to


in the



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Most workplaces can also be ergonomically adjusted at home.

A small adjustment of the height of the table and chair is often enough.

With these 7 simple adjustments, you can make your workplace more ergonomic and thus prevent back pain:

  • Distance from the screen

    : At least an arm's length away from the user - prevents shoulder and neck pain.

  • Height of the screen:

    Adjust so that you look down at an angle - the neck is relieved.

  • Mouse and keyboard:

    set up so that the elbows always remain at the same height - prevents one-sided strain and cramps.

  • Do not bend your hands:

    Cushions for the hands help to protect tendons and joints.

  • The pelvis:

    Make sure that it is always tilted slightly - pillows can help with this.

    Prevents back pain.

  • Feet:

    Adjust the chair so that they can be placed parallel to the floor - ensures a generally healthier posture.

  • Chair and desk

    : Adjust to your own height - ensures an ergonomic sitting position.

    An online tool can be used to calculate what the perfect height is.

No pain from the Corona home office: A strong back makes it possible

It is of course best when there is no longer any


in the



Having a strong back is an effective way to prevent pain.

For many,



working from home are

more likely to have led to a

lack of

movement than to muscle building.

Check out this post on Instagram

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends weight training for adults at least two days a week.

In addition to classic equipment training, this also includes Pilates and certain yoga exercises.

Especially in times of

home office

, it is important to get enough





recommends at least 21 minutes of exercise a day in its physical exercise guidelines.

You want to get fit - no problem with the HNA fitness campaign 06Drei 30 *.

There are regular fitness videos and tips for doing exercises at home here.

(Lucas Maier)

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.


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