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Extended corona lockdown: Can the craftsman still come home?


Contact restrictions are announced in Corona times. But does that also apply to a visit from the craftsman? What customers need to know about the stricter rules.

Contact restrictions are announced in Corona times.

But does that also apply to a visit from the craftsman?

What customers need to know about the stricter rules.

Update from January 20, 2021

: At the Corona summit on January 19, 2021, the federal and state governments decided to extend the current measures until February 14, 2021.

Nothing will change for craftsmen and their appointments


Important repairs and work can still be carried out.

It is still important to adhere to the hygiene regulations and distance rules.

Tightened Corona rules in January: What about the craftsman appointment?

Update from January 8, 2021

: Once again, the corona rules have been extended and tightened.

Instead of two households with a maximum of five people, one household may only meet with one other person from January 11th.

However, you do not have to cancel the craftsman's appointment.

Important work and repairs may still be carried out

, as the


journal informs.

Craftsmen and gardeners could still be contacted.

However, customers would have to expect that companies will


be on holiday during the lockdown


If the craftsmen have to be in the house for important work - for example the maintenance of sanitary facilities or painting work - everyone involved should

keep their distance and wear masks


Work that takes place outside the house can also be carried out with a mask and a distance.

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke explains on Live

: “The basic rule is then only one person from another household.

So if the girlfriend is still visiting or something like that, then it will be difficult again.

You should definitely keep an eye on that. ”In addition, hairdressers should not be ordered home, even if they are part of the craft trades.

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Craftsman appointment in tough corona lockdown: is it allowed?

Update from December 14, 2020

: The decision on the hard lockdown of the federal and state governments swirled a lot again shortly before Christmas.

As of

December 16


tightened corona measures

apply - many farms, even in the craft sector, must therefore close to 10 January.

These include hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios, massage practices or tattoo studios.

But what about the craftsman appointment that you may have made weeks ago?

Can the plumber come into your apartment?

There is no reference to correct behavior in this particular case in the current federal and state decision.

However, at least the Chamber of Skilled Crafts in Munich points out that the

services of craftsmen are among the permitted services


Carrying out a craft job is therefore one of the good reasons to leave home even in the corona lockdown.

Customers can also be visited as long as the services are not close to the body, such as at the hairdresser's, beautician or orthopedic surgeon.

However, the government is asking companies

to go

into the



between December 16, 2020 and January 10, 2021

or, if possible, to offer home office solutions.

Can I call the tradesman despite the corona lockdown?

These rules apply

Original message from December 10, 2020

: The year is drawing to a close - and what in March still looked like a foreseeable phase has now become normal.

We keep our distance, wear mouth and nose covers and, as recommended, wash our hands more often than at the beginning of the year.

The current lockdown light is slowly getting on your nerves, many companies have existential problems and the order situation of the craftsmen is also affected. has found out how craft contracts can be awarded without problems in times of Corona * using the AHA rules.

Even in Corona times, call the craftsman safely: AHA rules in your own four walls

Ulrich Doll, managing director of Hauswerk, is an expert when it comes to technical services and has been gathering his own experience of the crisis since the first lockdown in March.

As in all other industries, compliance with the AHA rules applies to him and the craft in general.

Since the repairs take place in the four walls of the customers, the craftsman from Cologne does not have to make any expensive purchases, but of course he has

to keep his distance, wear a mask when the room is too tight and regularly wash hands

while working.

Whether when connecting the washing machine, assembling furniture or doing the key service, the protective measures have been improved so that the focus is now even more on

hygiene regulations


The client can always ask their craftsman about further protective measures so that both parties always feel safe.

Craftsman orders in Corona times: is demand falling?

With regard to the order situation, Ulrich Doll at least cannot complain.

Since the first lockdown, no orders have been completely canceled or postponed at most.

Although there was one case in which the contract had already been discussed, planned and scheduled, it had to be canceled at short notice due to the high number of infections.

As a rule, however, the orders can be made up later. “What has been evident in any case since the outbreak of the virus is that we all have

to plan

somewhat more


,” says Ulrich Doll.

However, the population's uncertainty can also be seen from the overall structure of the order numbers - they have decreased slightly.

Seasonal fluctuations are common every year

, but some potential customers have


when it comes to bringing a craftsman into the house.

"But there is no reason for uncertainty as long as

you and your craftsman observe the



", Mathias Klement from the Internet portal Aroundhome explained to the German press agency a few weeks ago.

Doll also gives the all-clear: "I can only say that nobody has to be afraid of placing orders."

The experience of his company shows that services within your own four walls are also possible under the current rules and regulations, as long as the

AHA rules

are adhered to


To make sure, the currently valid legal basis can be found in the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standards of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

This provision was supplemented in August by an occupational health and safety rule from the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Feeling good at home: Many people switch to DIY in Corona times

The past months have led to both

act customers and craftswomen spontaneous

(have to) and because of the economic situation individuals

where appropriate

to postpone for the time being pending repairs or renovations


However, full DIY stores, especially during the first lockdown, have also shown that the hands-on mentality of Germans has increased.

The time at home that may be saved is invested by many in

beautifying their own four walls


After all, it is also foreseeable with the current lockdown light that it will drag on through the turn of the year and thus represents a suitable time to make yourself comfortable in your home for the cold months.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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