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Hype about exclusive social media apps: Many celebrities use clubhouse - experts warn against the app


A new social media app is conquering Germany and could compete with Facebook and Instagram. But the app has some catches - experts warn.

A new social media app is conquering Germany and could compete with Facebook and Instagram.

But the app has some catches - experts warn.

  • A new

    social media app is

    causing a hype in Germany.

  • The


    audio-only app

    is not yet available to everyone.

  • In some ways, Clubhouse is very different from other social networks such as





Update from Wednesday, January 20th, 2021, 4.36 p.m.:

The new

social media app Clubhouse

has also triggered a hype in Germany.

This is partly due to their exclusivity: only those who receive an invitation can use it.

But data protection experts warn, because that is exactly what can become a problem.

After activating the invitation to 


, the app requests access to all contacts in the smartphone's address book.

When registering via a social media account, this is the 


on the user's followers and friends.

Alpha Exploration, as the manufacturer of the 


collects huge amounts of personal data - even from people who do not even use the clubhouse.

Hype about exclusive social media apps: Many celebrities use Clubhouse

First message from Tuesday, January 19, 2021, 4:38 p.m .:

Kassel - In addition to




*, Twitter, Instagram and


, a new

social media app is

currently conquering

Germany and is causing a lot of discussion.

One reason: The app is built on exclusivity, not everyone can simply download and use it.

Among other things, an invitation is required for this.

In addition, the concept of



massively from existing apps.

Now Clubhouse has even created a mess with the Telegram * messenger.

Joko Winterscheidt, Louisa Dellert, Oprah Winfrey, Drake and Paris Hilton - they and other celebrities





For a few days now, more and more users from Germany have been added.

But what


makes the new

social media app

so special?


The audio-only app Clubhouse is not yet freely accessible.

© Florian Gaertner /

Clubhouse: How does the new social media app work?

In contrast to


, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok,

Clubhouse is

completely audio-based.

That means there are no pictures, comments, likes and videos in the app.

Instead, you can listen to clubhouse conversations such as a live podcast * or join the discussions.

To do this, the



so-called "rooms", ie virtual rooms or groups that can be joined.

The discussions in the various

clubhouse rooms

are mostly topic-based.

In addition to joining different rooms, it is also possible to follow topics.

Thanks to the concept, the


enables a

quick exchange with people who have similar interests.

Many experts are currently using the app to exchange information on their subject areas, for example in the area of ​​e-commerce.

However, there are also closed rooms for friends.




Audio-based social network app


Alpha Exploration Co.

Year of publication


Hype about the new social media app: How do I get an invitation for Clubhouse?

So far, the app is only available as a beta version.

The app works on an invitation principle: only those who have a name in the social media industry or who know someone who is a clubhouse member will receive a so-called "invite code" * and can join the app.

This makes the app very different from the current






In addition, Android users have so far been completely left out.

The new social media app only works with the iOs operating system, i.e. with an





that is


become a topic of conversation a few days ago, but it is not entirely new.

Clubhouse was launched in early 2020, and in May 2020 the app was valued at 100 million US dollars.



 are two founders from Silicon Valley in the USA, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, with their company Alpha Exploration Co. According to Davinson and Seth, Clubhouse will soon be made accessible to a wider audience, but a date has not yet been set.

Is the


hype worth it

and will it continue?

Some analysts see difficulties, because the concept currently lives from experts holding discussions for free.

It is questionable whether this will work in the long term.

"In my opinion, Clubhouse will not make it that far without money and a long-term smart concept," writes digital analyst Tim Ebner at, for example.


Competition for Instagram, Facebook and Co.?

The new Clubhouse app is currently being hyped in Germany (symbol image).

© Christoph Dernbach / dpa

New app causes a lot of criticism: Controversy over clubhouse

Since the

app was launched


Clubhouse has

not only been hyped, but has also met with a lot of criticism.

Among other things, it concerns a lack of moderation of the posts, through which


, harassment and false information can be spread.

Companies like




are increasingly trying to moderate misinformation and hate speech.

Clubhouse itself created community guidelines in January to counteract this.

There is now also the option to report content.

Also the


could be a problem, because "whoever another person 


 * Invite want the app must first ensure the access to the address book allow" reported The 


 would then not only data of the people who have the 


use * or who are invited are available, but also from their environment.

In addition, all discussion rounds are recorded.

The Messenger WhatsApp was recently massively criticized for announced changes in data protection.

The lack of inclusivity is also criticized, because the concept of the app completely excludes the deaf through the "audio-only" concept.

(Sarah Neumeyer)

*,,,, and are part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © Florian Gaertner /

Source: merkur

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