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Moving in corona lockdown: are relatives and friends allowed to help?


The corona measures were tightened again. Anyone who is currently planning to move to a new apartment must continue to face restrictions.

The corona measures were tightened again.

Anyone who is currently planning to move to a new apartment must continue to face restrictions.

Update from January 20, 2021

: On January 19, at the early Corona summit, the federal and state governments decided to extend the corona measures until February 14.

The previous

regulations on contact restrictions were retained


Furthermore, only

relatives from your own household and a maximum of one other person from

another household are allowed to meet.

For removals, with which friends usually also like to help, the strict Corona contact restrictions also continue to apply.

Ideally, there is the possibility of moving through a moving company.

The professionals must adhere to the specified corona hygiene regulations and all precautionary measures.

Stricter corona measures: Can I still bring friends and relatives in to move?

Update from January 7, 2021

: On January 5, 2021, the federal and state governments decided to take more stringent corona measures, which will apply from January 11 to January 31, 2021 for the time being.

The regulation that

private get-togethers are restricted to relatives from their own household and a maximum of one other person who does not live in the household has

caused a particular stir


This also has an effect on planned moves, with which relatives or friends should help - after all, only contact with another person who does not live in your own household is allowed.

According to lawyer Nicole Mutschke, a planned move is not a valid reason for an exception to the contact restrictions. When asked whether moving to another federal state is still allowed, she explains on Live

: “Moves are a big issue .

At the moment I would say:

moving - if you have to vacate the apartment - yes, with a professional moving company and distance

. ”The classic move with moving helpers from your own environment and private circle of friends is more likely to be - even if one person is theoretically allowed avoid.

How is the hard lockdown affecting my move plans?

Update from December 14, 2020

: On December 13, the federal and state governments decided on the hard lockdown.

From December 16 to January 10, stricter corona measures will apply

- especially in the context of closings of retail stores.

How the new rules affect your planned move is not explained in the current decision.

The individual federal states are likely to regulate themselves how to proceed in special situations like this.

However, since the new resolutions build on the previous one and the contacts were not restricted any further, it can be assumed that a total of

five people from a maximum of two households

may still be involved in a move.

Since the new resolution only prohibits services that are close to the body - for example the hairdresser as well as cosmetic or tattoo studios - moving with a professional company should generally not be a problem.

Here, however, it remains to be seen what the individual federal states decide on in their respective state ordinances.

If in doubt, please contact your public order office.

Corona measures in December: Can I still move with friends and relatives?

Update from December 9th, 2020

: On November 25th the measures to contain the coronavirus were tightened by the federal and state governments.

Since then, instead of ten people from two households, only five people from two households have been allowed to meet.

This applies to both public and private space.

Children under the age of 14 are exempt.

The measures are initially valid until January 10th.





during this period

is rightly wondering how to proceed.

The federal states base their ordinances on the resolutions of the federal and state governments.

That is why, when moving, usually only the help of friends and relatives is allowed if the number of

people does not exceed five from two households


However, you should still find out about the regulations in your respective federal state.


Moving to another apartment is made more difficult by the contact restrictions during the corona lockdown.

© imago images / Jochen Tack

In Bavaria, for example, it is said that the general contact restrictions apply when moving: Staying together is "only permitted with members of your own household and another household, max. 5 people".

"The children under the age of 14 belonging to these households are not taken into account for the total number."

Baden-Württemberg regulates removals in a similar way: Here, too, only five people from no more than two households are allowed.


does not apply to








partners in a non-marital partnership


direct relatives


However, the total number of five people must not be exceeded.

It also says: "If it can be proven that you cannot postpone the move and you cannot commission a professional company, cities and municipalities may deviate from the regulation in exceptional cases (Section 20 (2) Corona Ordinance)." In this case, however, those affected should contact them



public order office


Professionally carried out removals

are usually possible without restrictions.

The rules of infection protection - i.e. mask requirement, distance, hygiene and ventilation - must always be observed.

Corona lockdown in November: Can I move?

Original message from November 03, 2020

: During the first lockdown in spring, a planned move was subject to a few rules *: For example, no friends or relatives were allowed to lend a hand - unless they were part of your own household.

Therefore, many Germans are rightly asking themselves whether and how a move can take place during the “Lockdown light” in November.

"Corona lockdown": Can I make my planned move?

First the good news:

You can basically move during the "lockdown light"

- as long as it takes place within Germany.

Please note, however, that there

can be

regional differences

despite uniform regulations

- especially if you are in a municipality in which the number of new infections has reached a critical value.

You can find out more from the competent authority for your current and future place of residence.

In addition, there should be no one from the household who is moving who is currently under quarantine measures.

Can friends and relatives help me move during the Corona crisis?

Moving with the help of friends is often cheaper than the moving company.

But can friends and relatives be brought in without any problems?

The current contact restrictions in Germany state:

A maximum of ten people from two households are allowed to meet in public

- the same applies to moving.

If you are still unsure, it is best to ask the responsible regulatory office.

“Lockdown” in Germany: Are moving companies still allowed to work?

"People who are moving don't have to worry about their move at the moment," says Dierk Hochgesang, General Manager of the Federal Association of Furniture Freight Forwarders and Logistics (AMÖ), according to the Immowelt online portal.

A moving company and everyone living in the household can lend a hand without restrictions when moving.

Basically, however, a

distance of 1.5 meters and the applicable hygiene rules

must still be observed.

In some regions, it may also be mandatory to wear a face-to-face mask in public spaces.

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If you still want to postpone your move, according to the expert, you should look at the terms and conditions in the contract - namely, the individual case decides whether a

free cancellation is


Despite the lockdown, there is no work ban, so a move can be carried out.

At most, one infected or quarantined person in the household and moving to a region that is classified as a risk area could be exceptions.

Moving despite quarantine - is that possible?

According to the Robert Koch Institute, people who are in quarantine are not allowed to leave their homes for 14 days.

Moving is therefore not possible.

This regulation can only be revoked for you with the express permission of the health department.

Let your carrier know if you are

in quarantine, infected, or have been in a risk area


This allows the moving company to check whether the date should be postponed.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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