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They called this sandwich "the new vaccine." We'll wait for the side effects to pass - Walla! Food


An unusually tempting and intriguing sandwich menu may not be enough to survive this city's trench warfare, but what they have done here is not the solution.

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Eating goes

They called this sandwich "the new vaccine."

We will wait for the side effects to pass

An unusually tempting and intriguing sandwich menu may not be enough to survive this city's trench warfare, but what they have done here is not the solution.


  • Tel Aviv Port

  • hamburger

Yaniv Granot

Sunday, January 24, 2021, 6 p.m.

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What happens when there is no silence?

"Stuck in the Middle", Tel Aviv Port (Photo: PR, Stuck in the Middle)

"Let me tell you something about the beginning: everyone had a million dollar idea at some point in my life. When I came with mine, everyone simply told me it was a bad idea. I heard them, and I thought it meant only one thing - I have something in hand"

The Legend of Sarah Blakely - selling door-to-door faxes, despair, tights, Oprah Winfrey, $ 1 billion - is familiar enough that we will not dive into it again now, but her "master class" course still manages to infuse some sex appeal into stories that have been almost worn out.

She is focused, full of energy, funny and believable, a saleswoman who no longer needs a single sale in her life, and yet closes a deal.

All columns "eat go"

"Ideas are a gift that the universe is giving you, and how to begin achieving peace," she explains, "It is very important to understand early on where, when and how you can dig a little quiet yourself. There usually is also the moment Where the ideas will come from. "

But what happens when there is no silence?

When the where and when and how are dimmed in an entire year, and moreover, of Corona.

When billion-dollar ideas are not as necessary as a creative of a few shekels?

When survival is more important than a fairy tale about the invention of the Sphinx?

In such a case, it is clear to any average Israeli glutton, we will simply sell sandwiches.

Lots of hugs, little receptions

"Sucks to hear about your experience," said Walt, "immediately pass the feedback to the restaurant."

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"Doctor Abu Dhabi", "Stuck in the Middle"

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A post shared by Stuck in the Middle (@stuck_tlv)

And in that sense, combining an international virus and Israeli policy (that is, let's keep our fingers crossed for vaccines and completely ignore everything else, including tens of thousands of workers in the food industry alone that no vaccine will help them anymore), "Stuck in the Middle" has a perforated bingo card department already.

A corona pop-up that may or may not stay with us even after the virus?


A ghost kitchen that focuses on deliveries and takeaways only?


A "corrupt" sandwich menu?


Monthly guest appearances by chefs who make up a "new vaccine"?


Exclamation marks in the dish descriptions?

Check !!!

What opened a few months ago as a secret and shrouded place in Wanby, with no set address and not too much information, has stabilized and shed gimmicks, and is now trying to focus - hard to believe, I know - on food.

The menu is not large - seven regular sandwiches (including two vegan options) and two specials, the result of a collaboration with colleagues who were given something to go on.

Everything goes into a soft bun, and on the side chips (yeasty and industrial) or baked sweet potatoes.

We chose one "Baghdad" sandwich (crispy schnitzel, fried eggplant, ambala tahini, hot pepper, purple onion, lettuce, pickle, NIS 48) and the two special ones - one of Einav Azgouri ("Kentucky Azgouri", a crispy chicken soaked in spicy saturation, Lots of lettuce, pickles, purple onions, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese on top, NIS 52) and a new one from Assaf Doctor's nylons ("Doctor Abu Dhabi", they called him God knows why, with long-cooked lamb breast with vegetables, brick, Pickles, hot pepper, mint, parsley, red onion, eggplant cream, NIS 59).

We added chips (12 shekels) without cultivating expectations and set off.

A stand of consolation

This was a completely normal Israeli invitation.

When the bags arrived we knew we were greatly mistaken

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No need for gimmicks.

Stuck in the Middle burgers (Photo: PR, Stuck in the Middle)

STUCK's Instagram has raised big and expectant words for their new star like "Madfone", but let's assume in advance that there was no pit and no Bedouin technique here, but more oven work

The Baghdad sandwich (seriously, pretty) contained two fun schnitzels placed over greasy eggplant slices, purple onion rings and what appeared to be an insurmountable barrier of lettuce.

It was very juicy, mainly thanks to the tahini and ambala, but the other side of this tongue coin was a complete takeover of the deep yellow liquid on the bite, and on the palate.

The schnitzels, the center of the sandwich by any standard, still managed to fight back, but the bun had already surrendered on the motorcycle, and was too soft and elegant for this sabih shelling.

Azgouri's work was overall a very nice version of the Fried Chicken sandwich.

Here, too, two relatively thick chunks tried to give a fight near the most generous lettuce in town, to the point of throwing the pale strips from the bun to the plate, and thence to the trash.

The cheddar cheese was observed but not really present, and did not give the required castor from it.

Other than that, there is nothing left in the sandwich that will occasionally bounce off the bites, and a spicy honey sauce attached to the side looks (and tastes) like a dip from another story.

Here, too, by the way, the bun fell apart while gripping, in what turned out to be a very consistent frame story in its plot lines.

The Instagram page of "STUCK" (in short, there is a limit to any creative) raised for their new star big and expectant words like "Madfone", but let's assume in advance that there was no pit and no Bedouin technique here, but more oven work.

The thin lamb shreds were tasty and soft, communicated well with the vegetables and leaves and provided a requested smoky vibe.

They were also a bit meager in quantity, and certainly gave too much respect to the bun (by the way, fell apart here too, shocking, and in the first place it would have been better to probably replace it with a good pita), if you understand what we mean.

The eggplant and whitening cream was hardly felt at all, and a flagship sandwich that proudly kisses 60 shekels left in the mouth mostly a sense of concept.

Seven words on the chips: No need to waste seven words on the chips.

The next defeat is dedicated to Carmel Shama-Hacohen

Pad-Thai-small-big in small-big Thai

To the full article

There's something endearing about "STUCK," and you can literally see with their own eyes what their stand will look like when it's all over.

So, with a vaccine but also with a life worth living, it will be possible to go through it and take a to-go sandwich, walk a few meters west and get as close as the waves allow.

So, with a vaccine, life and excellent sandwiches that do not need a billion dollar idea to survive, everything will be a little tastier, and a little more life.

"Stuck in the Middle", reservations via Walt, or take-away when possible from the "Julia at the Port" restaurant

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