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Don't feel like ironing your laundry? - These super tricks straighten clothes even without an iron


Good news for those who don't like ironing: With just a few tricks, clothes can be wrinkled-free even without an iron. You can read here how it works.

Good news for those who don't like ironing: With just a few tricks, clothes can be wrinkled-free even without an iron.

You can read here how it works.

Ironing is not one of the favorite household chores *.

But the shirts and blouses should always be wrinkle-free, especially for important occasions.

But if you have absolutely no desire for an ironing board and iron, the following tips might be quite good for you.

Iron without an iron with steam

  • Iron-free in the shower

    : This step can even cover two steps in one.

    Because during the hot shower in the morning, you can simultaneously let the wrinkles "steam away" from the blouse.

    To do this, hang the top on a hanger and position it so that it gets enough steam but does not get wet.

    This will smooth out the wrinkles in just a few minutes.

  • Tips for the tumble dryer

    : According to,

    the tumble dryer (promotional link) can also

    contribute to crease-free laundry without ironing.

    The steam in the dryer is created when a small handful of ice cubes is added to the laundry.

    At medium heat, the ice cubes slowly melt and, in combination with the heat, generate the necessary steam.

    If you take the laundry out again after about 16 minutes, it will be hung up directly and will remain crease-free.

  • Steam in the kitchen

    : There is also a helper in the kitchen whose steam ensures wrinkle-free clothing.

    We're talking about the kettle.

    To do this, hold the item of clothing over the steam and brush the area to be smoothed again without creasing.

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Ironing out wrinkles without an iron: That's how it works

  • Don't just straighten your hair with the straightening iron

    : What

    straighten your hair

    should also bring your clothes back into shape.

    To do this, set the appropriate heat and let the straightening iron warm up.

    The wrinkles can then be ironed out.

    But be careful not to let the iron get too hot, as this can damage the fabric.

  • Wrinkle-free with the hairdryer

    : ironing without an iron, but using the hairdryer instead is really quick.

    Simply put on the desired item of clothing and spray it with some water.

    And then blow-dry inside and out.

    Especially in winter, this not only ensures crease-free clothing, but also cozy warmth.

  • Spray away wrinkles

    : The wrinkled areas can also be easily treated with a special spray.

    To do this, a textile straightener spray is sprayed onto the still wet garment and carefully pulled into the correct shape.

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Wrinkle-free clothes without an iron?

With these tips a no brainer.

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Ironing without an iron: good preparation is everything

To prevent creases, a few steps in advance can help.

Just the spin cycle in the washing machine makes a big difference.


less spinning

and the clothes won't come out of the machine as wrinkled.

After washing, it is advisable to


the parts

well and smooth them out


It is also helpful if the clothes are not folded up directly, but rather hung on a hanger.


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