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These ingenious home remedy tricks save brass from soiling


When cleaning brass, the question often arises whether chemical agents are not too aggressive - and you would be better advised to use home remedies. We'll enlighten you.

When cleaning brass, the question often arises whether chemical agents are not too aggressive - and you would be better advised to use home remedies.

We'll enlighten you.

You may not believe it, but there might be more brass items in your home than you think.

Doorknobs, fittings, goblets, candlesticks, lamps or pots are often made of the material.

Music enthusiasts will know that many brass instruments are also made of brass.

And these are obviously in constant use.

So that you can continue to enjoy it - and not have to resort to chemical cleaners - we have listed a few home remedies that will help you with cleaning.

What exactly is brass and how do I recognize it?

Brass is an

alloy of copper and up to 40 percent zinc


Every now and then other metals are mixed in.

Depending on how high the zinc content is, the color of brass can also be different.

The spectrum ranges from

reddish brown to golden yellow or even white yellow


That is why it is often not that easy to determine whether a material is made of brass or not - or whether it is only covered with a layer of brass.

You should clarify this question before you reach for the cleaning rag, as pure brass tolerates aggressive cleaning agents better than just a layer of brass that has been applied to iron or steel.

Fortunately, this can be


very easily with a


: If it doesn't stick to your item, it's pure brass - if it sticks, the main component is in all likelihood iron.

Then you need to clean more carefully and

in no case use agents such as scouring milk

, so as not to damage the brass layer.

Not just brass

: How to make your gold jewelry look classy again with home remedies.

Before you get started: This is what you should keep in mind with brass objects

With particularly old brass objects and antiques, you should note that the

green oxidation layer

- also known as verdigris - that develops over time may be intentional.

Experts and collectors can use it to estimate how old the item is - and it gives it

a higher overall value


In this case, it is usually sufficient to simply wipe off the dust with a cloth and carefully clean the surfaces.

How to clean brass with citric acid

Regardless of whether it is

brushed or matt brass

: Citric acid is your friend when cleaning.



this, drizzle a

little salt on a lemon half

and rub it all over the brass.

Afterwards, rinse the object with warm water and rub it clean with a lint-free cloth.

After that, all dirt should be gone.

Read here

what you can do about tarnished copper.

Clean shiny brass with vinegar

For small objects made of

solid brass

, a bath in boiling vinegar water is suitable.

Put your belongings in it and let the brew act briefly.

Then take it out again to cool and buff it with a soft cloth.

So that the kitchen is not too absorbed by the smell of vinegar, you should leave the windows open for a while during and after the procedure.

But this tip with vinegar also has an effect: Simply mix

equal parts vinegar, salt and flour into a paste

with which you smear the brass.

After a few hours of exposure, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and polish with a dry cloth, all stains are gone.

Would you have guessed?

Why you only need four simple home remedies for cleaning at home.

Cleaning brass: help from the ketchup tube

To clean your brass, a look in the refrigerator is enough: because ketchup also declares war on stains and dirt on brass.

Simply smear or brush the affected areas with it and let the whole act.

Then wash off with warm water and rub dry - the brass shines like new again.

Also interesting

: thanks to these home remedies, your stainless steel will always shine like new.

Just use toothpaste to clean it

If your toothpaste is quite


, you can safely clean brass with it.

Apply it with an old toothbrush or cotton swab and let it sit for at least an hour.

Then remove again and polish clean.

Heavily soiled brass: mix your own polish

For brass cleaning you can also



old classic home remedy

with the following ingredients:

  • 100 milliliters of wine vinegar

  • 100 milliliters of water

  • 100 grams of flour

Mix these ingredients in a bowl until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Apply this with a toothbrush in even, circular movements to your brass object and let it work for

at least ten minutes


Then rinse off the homemade polish with water and clean the brass with a lint-free cloth.

This bath restores your brass

All you need is hot water and

rhubarb leaves or apple

peel to put in.

Then there is the affected object, which you

leave in the immersion bath for

between 30 and 60 minutes


After that, rinse off the metal and polish it with a dry newspaper in circular motions.

From jewelry to cutlery

: this is how you properly clean tarnished silver.

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