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Dangerous vitamin deficiency - Stiftung Warentest with a clear message: These people are at risk


Those who eat a balanced diet generally do not need to fear a lack of vitamins or nutrients. However, those who choose the following form of nutrition must supplement.

Those who eat a balanced diet generally do not need to fear a lack of vitamins or nutrients.

However, those who choose the following form of nutrition must supplement.

  • Do you like to eat and just about anything?

    Then it is very unlikely that your body is not getting enough nutrients.

  • But there are also forms of nutrition that promote a nutritional deficiency.

  • The Stiftung Warentest has taken a close look at dietary supplements for vegetarians and vegans.

    There is an unmistakable recommendation for vegetarians.

Vegetarians forego meat, fish and products made from them, including lard and gelatine.

Milk and dairy products as well as eggs, on the other hand, are usually eaten.

It is different in the case of veganism

: vegans do not eat any food of animal origin.

Depending on the characteristics, many vegans also make sure when shopping that they do not consume any products made of leather or other animal products.

If you follow a vegetarian diet and make sure you have a balanced selection of foods, you usually consume all the essential nutrients


Vegetables, fruit, legumes, vegetable oils, iodized table salt, nuts and whole grain products provide protein, iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

For this reason, from the perspective of Stiftung Warentest, vegetarians do not need to take food supplements.

The situation is different with vegans *.

Dangerous vitamin B12 deficiency possible: "Dietary supplements are only mandatory for vegans"

According to a publication by Stiftung Warentest: "Eating a balanced diet also works without meat. Those who have a varied diet and eat dairy products, eggs and fish have everything they need. The more limited the choice of food, the more limited it is Vegetarians and vegans in particular should plan their meals more carefully. Not everyone who eats a meat-free

diet has to

swallow vitamin pills.

Dietary supplements are only mandatory for vegans


Vegans would have to add vitamin B12 *, as only animal foods can meet the requirement.

The vitamin is involved in blood formation and cell division, among other things.


With a targeted choice of food plus vitamin B12, it is not critical to eat a vegan diet,

" the foundation said.

According to the German Nutrition Society, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and adolescents should refrain from a vegan diet because their nutritional requirements are too high to be covered by vegan food.

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All vitamin B12 agents tested are suitable - combination preparations unnecessary

In drugstores and supermarkets you can find countless vitamin B12 and combination preparations especially for vegetarians and vegans.

Stiftung Warentest tested 15 food supplements to see whether they were dosed sensibly and reliably

- including seven vitamin B12 preparations and eight combination products that contain other nutrients in addition to B12. 

All vitamin B12 supplements have been found to be suitable, including:

  • Multinorm vitamin B12 vital cure type mango-passion fruit from Aldi Süd

  • Veggie Depot Vitamin B12 plus Magnesium and Folic Acid from Avitale

  • The healthy plus B12 vitamin cure, wild berry flavor from dm


Combined preparations are not necessary for vegetarians or vegans,

" says the Stiftung Warentest.

The mix of minerals, vitamins and trace elements is superfluous for everyone who eats a balanced diet *.

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