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Bruised or broken toe? These home remedies and therapies bring quick relief


A toe hurts, swells and turns blue? Signs of sprain. A bruise or a broken toe can also be behind it. What to do now.

A toe hurts, swells and turns blue?

Signs of sprain.

A bruise or a broken toe can also be behind it.

What to do now.

  • Walking inattentively through the apartment, it happened: the foot gets stuck on the table leg and a painful stitch goes into the little toe.

    Usually the pain is overcome quickly and there is no lasting damage.

  • But in some cases there is throbbing pain in the affected toe, it swells up, turns blue and there is pain when walking.

  • You can find out how to recognize and treat a broken or bruised toe here.

A layperson can often not clearly see whether a toe is broken, bruised or sprained.

A visit to the doctor will provide information.

Toe pain is usually a minor injury that you can treat yourself by cooling and protecting the affected area.

However, if the symptoms persist for a long time, you should consult a doctor.

A fracture, a sprain and a bruise must always be examined and treated by a doctor.

The following symptoms suggest a broken toe, but they can also indicate a sprain or bruise:

  • persistent pain that may radiate into the foot

  • the affected toe swells and is tender to pressure

  • the toe has only limited mobility

  • often blood collects under the toenail (subungual hematoma), often the entire toe or the surrounding area in the foot turns blue

  • depending on the toes involved, it is possible that the patient can no longer walk

  • Misalignment of the toe

According to the MSD Manual, if you have a broken toe, it is usually sufficient to tie it together with the neighboring toe for several weeks and splint it in this way (buddy taping).

However, if the curvature is unnatural, the toe may have to be straightened


A sprain can also be accompanied by the symptoms mentioned above, which is why you should consult a doctor even if you suspect a sprained toe.

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Bruised toe: Cool products with menthol and curd cheese compresses

In the event of a contusion, sports medicine specialist Dr.

According to Thorsten Dolla, it is a minor injury that heals quickly.

A kick or fall in contact sports is often the cause of a painful bruise, writes Dolla on the platform Gesundheitsberater Berlin. “Injuries to smaller capillaries can also lead to a bruise (hematoma).

An X-ray is taken to rule out a bone injury ”.

First, according to the doctor, a toe bruise should always be cooled with ice and stored up.

According to the former team doctor of the Hertha BSC football club, it can take several weeks until pain is free, despite intensive treatment.

It is also advisable to take a break from sports that put stress on the forefoot.

Cool and store up is the motto in the event of a bruise.

Special creams also have a positive effect.


If you want to apply ointment in the early phase of a bruise, for example before going to bed, you should prefer cooling preparations

," the portal Fit for Fun quotes the former HSV doctor Dr.

Oliver Dierk.

Products with cooling menthol have proven their worth, says Dierk.

Quark wraps, arnica, camphor and comfrey root extracts would also have decongestant and anti-inflammatory effects.

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