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Trend from the USA: Expert gives assessment of "double masking" - Are two corona masks better than one?


The so-called "double masking" is a trend from the USA in which two masks worn on top of each other are supposed to offer better protection against the coronavirus.

The so-called "double masking" is a trend from the USA in which two masks worn on top of each other are supposed to offer better protection against the coronavirus.


- Wearing face masks was one of the first recommendations of many health experts at the beginning of the corona crisis to keep the pandemic in check and to delay the spread of the dangerous corona virus.

In many European countries, medical mouth and nose protection devices, i.e. typical surgical masks, were initially difficult to obtain because they first had to be produced in sufficient numbers.

In the meantime,

even more effective masks when shopping or on public transport have become mandatory


Germany and Austria

: FFP2 masks.

If you want to exceed this high level of protection against the spread * of coronaviruses *, you can


two masks on top of each other

and thus provide even better protection against the spread of the virus.

The so-called “double masking” is a trend from the USA, which became a topic of conversation in Germany due to the incumbent President Joe Biden.

Two masks on top of each other offer better protection against corona

Two are better than one, is the opinion of prominent medical professionals in the USA.

Their recommendation for wearing two masks on top of each other is limited to people who do not have any highly effective

FFP2, KN95, N95 or P2 masks


Virus transmission * expert at Virginia Tech in the US state of Virginia, Linsey Marr, gave an extensive interview and advice on the subject of "double masking".


New York Times

reports that the scientist has no objection to wearing two masks on top of each other, but there are a few things to consider.

Above all, breathing should not be impaired despite two protective masks being worn at the same time.

Double FFP2 mask - "Double masking" explained from a medical point of view

Wearers of thin or weak face coverings are always advised to put on another mask: "If you combine several layers, you achieve a fairly high level of efficiency" by preventing viruses from leaking out of the airways and into the airways, says Linsey Marr "

Double Masking


Breathing can be more difficult, but as long as there is enough room to breathe,

two masks on top of each other would

not hurt.

The obvious reason: the more efficiently the mouth and nose are covered with fabric, the lower the chance of



droplets from the mouth or nose

to loved ones.

In combination with an FFP2 mask *, the double protective shield can bring more security, but you also run the risk of failing to achieve its purpose by incorrectly wearing the mask.


Mandatory utensil in Bavaria: Without FFP2 masks, ordinary people can no longer get into shops and public transport.

© Friso Gentsch / dpa

Protection against corona: the order in which you put on the FFP2 mask is important

As a rule of thumb: Wearing two masks on top of each other can prevent droplet transmission more effectively.

Should one of these slip, the second mask may be able to maintain coverage of the mouth and nose.

Anyone who wears an FFP2 mask and would like to have a second one, for example made of ordinary material or a

classic surgical mask

, must absolutely



correct order


The FFP2, KN95, N95 or P2 masks must be created first.

A second, lighter mask can be slipped over it.

If you can still breathe freely with two masks, the "double masking" should not be dangerous, as studies suggest.

Two corona masks at the same time: fabric should always be on the outside

It's not about making a mask airtight, explained



told the

New York Times

, but with the help of additional fabric fibers to send the viruses through a "course" so that it is more difficult for them to slip through while you are talking or breathing.

"The air has to follow this winding path," said Marr of

Virginia Polytechnic Institute

and State University.

To test the extent to which masks can stop incoming and outgoing spray, tests were conducted that showed that even relatively simple materials, such as fabric covers and surgical masks, can be at least 50 percent effective in either direction.

Two light masks one on top of the other, such as a face mask and a colorful fabric mask, do not provide 100% protection, of course, but much more than a mask alone.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © Patrick Semansky / dpa

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