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Cleaning the tumble dryer: These tips will get your device clean again


The tumble dryer has long been considered to be the biggest power hog in the household. Newer models now refute this. However, regular cleaning is required for a long service life.

The tumble dryer has long been considered to be the biggest power hog in the household.

Newer models now refute this.

However, regular cleaning is required for a long service life.

All tumble dryers have one thing in common: the

fluff filter must always be cleaned


Usually it is in the dryer door.

And also in the opening area, near the door, there is still some residual fluff.

Even if the cleaning measures * can vary depending on the manufacturer, they all have this point in common.

By the way: The lint filter is easier to clean if you dampen your hand slightly or use a dampened cloth.

When cleaning the fluff filter, it is also important that the

rubber seals are not forgotten


Cleaning the tumble dryer: you should follow these instructions

Depending on the design, the requirements for the cleaning program also vary.

So it's worth reading the tumble dryer manual here.

What applies to all tumble dryers is, in addition to regular cleaning of the fluff filter, also not to leave the dried laundry in the dryer for too long.

This can cause unpleasant smells.

These things

should be observed


condensation and exhaust air dryers


  • Condensation


    : On the one hand, the condensation water filter should be cleaned here regularly.

    After all, all the condensation collects in it.

    You should also clean the heat exchanger every quarter.

    A sponge or a damp cloth is sufficient.

    Please make sure, however, that the heat exchanger is completely dry.

  • Exhaust

    air dryer

    : Check the exhaust air hose at least once a quarter.

    Cleaning can easily be done with lukewarm water.

Both tumble dryers have moisture sensors that must also be cleaned.

Limescale deposits in particular are often found here.

Again, it is advisable to refer to the manual to find out how the device can be descaled.

Also whether there are certain decalcifying agents that should be used in preference.

Otherwise, a mixture of vinegar and water will do the same.

The same applies here:

let it dry thoroughly before using the tumble dryer again


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Cleaning the tumble dryer: regular deep cleaning

Regular deep cleaning of your tumble dryer

is essential for longevity


On the one hand, you can vacuum the lint filter with a vacuum cleaner at certain intervals.

By the way, this is easier when the dryer is still warm.

For example,


that the drying processes and cleaning rhythms should be set up so that the device is easier to clean.

Some condenser dryers have a heat pump and self-cleaning function.

In this case, the side walls have to be removed because the capacitor cannot be easily removed.

There should be instructions for this in the manual again.

In any case, the following applies: Before you tamper with the tumble dryer (advertising link) and the screws, you should pull the power plug.

Also keep in mind that tinkering with the tumble dryer yourself can void your warranty.

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In a condenser dryer with a water pump, there is a

fluff sump

below the condenser



This must also be cleaned.

The lint tends to collect in the pump, which then leads to the fact that hardly any water can be pumped into the collecting container.

So it's worth taking a look at the condenser pump.

Almost a liter of water is poured onto the pump for cleaning.

The lint should be washed away.

Here, too, it is important to ensure that all parts have been completely reinstalled before the tumble dryer is put back into operation.

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