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Streaming tips: "KBV", "For All Mankind", "House of Cards", the original


Jürgen Vogel clearly has fun with Flachwitz in the RTL series »KBV«. In “For All Mankind” Apple relocates the Cold War to the moon. And the British original of "House of Cards" was big television too.

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Serkan Kaya, Jürgen Vogel in the comedy series »KBV«: Bad jokes with an ugly wig


Frank Dicks / TVNOW

»KBV«, TVNow

Two policemen sit in the car and tell each other flat and man jokes.

Such of this quality class: “He says: I'm not looking for anything solid at the moment.

She says: Then you'll like my thighs. ”A subterranean level?


And that's not a slip-up, but the concept of the comedy series »KBV« from the streaming service TVNow.

It's about police officers who observe gangsters and who, because nothing else happens, entertain each other with jokes and stories.

»KBV« stands for »no special occurrences« and, according to RTL's own advertising (the station is behind TVNow), offers »top-class boredom«.

Both correct: Jürgen Vogel, Denis Moschitto, Andrea Sawatzki and Kida Khodr Ramadan are playing.

And it's bland too.

In the beginning, however, really, and not wink-wink-ironic, as the advertising slogan means.

Bad jokes remain bad jokes, even if they are told by a visibly well-dressed Jürgen Vogel with an ugly wig.

In the course of the six half-hour episodes, however, the conversations get more and more bizarre, and the viewer gets caught in the web of digressions and absurdities.

Perhaps it is because of the rampant Corona boredom that it has a strange appeal to watch other people get bored.

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Scene from "For All Mankind": "Sweet Dreams" of life on the moon


Apple TV +

For All Mankind, Season 2, Apple TV +

The world was just excited because NASA landed a robot on Mars.

In the series world of "For All Mankind" that would just cause a shrug.

People there travel in space in a completely different way: the USA and the Soviet Union relocated the Cold War to a very cold place as early as the 1980s, namely the moon.

"For All Mankind" takes place in an alternate universe, in which mankind advances much further into space and makes technical progress much faster.

It's amazing how convincing the concept works when you immerse yourself in this world.

The fact that the hit "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics runs over images of car chases on the moon quickly seems completely normal.

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Ian Richardson (at the lectern) as Francis Urquhart in "House of Cards"


BBC / Pandastorm

"House of Cards" - the original, Arte-Mediathek

Before the actor Kevin Spacey disappeared after MeToo allegations into oblivion, he was the face of "House of Cards".

The series with which the streaming service Netflix suddenly stood on the mat and was preparing to turn the film and television world upside down.

But neither did Netflix come from nowhere, nor its first global hit: It is based on a British series from 1990. A comparison is definitely worthwhile for fans.

You can see how much the director David Fincher pumped up his US version with borrowings from the powerful imagery of the cinema - on the other hand, the original seems downright slim, but more concentrated.

Analogous to this are the differences in the main character: The American Kevin Spacey designed his Francis Underwood as an open sociopath, legs apart, sinister, but also approachable.

The Francis Urquhart of the original, embodied by the British Ian Richardson, a classically trained stage actor, is a closed, ice-cold tactician.

Very British


stiff upper lip

, but no less obsessed with power.

And here is the current »crime scene«.

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Source: spiegel

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