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Corona rules, child benefit and DHL: What March 2021 will radically change in Germany 


Better, faster, more efficient: It is not just the state that is innovating - large corporations are also betting on progress. Consumers have a few things to consider in March, but they can also be happy.

Better, faster, more efficient: It is not just the state that is innovating - large corporations are also betting on progress.

Consumers have a few things to consider in March, but they can also be happy.

Munich - Meteorologically, spring 2021 begins on March 1st.

At the moment, many are enjoying the awakening of spring weather-wise: Snow-free roads and mild temperatures are now luring the first two-wheelers onto the streets, although some of them will have to comply with new regulations from now on: vehicles such as

mopeds, mopeds or electric scooters will be


from March 1st

namely on the way uninsured if you do not buy a new license plate.

From this point on, only the

new blue insurance

numbers are permitted - otherwise you will be liable to prosecution with the old black one.

There is another innovation: in the future, the license plates can also be attached as foil, because aluminum and sheet metal plates are no longer mandatory here.

When spring begins, many hobby gardeners are known to have their fingers itchy.

However, you should definitely leave these off the hedge trimmer.

As every year,

from March 1st,

for reasons of nature conservation, the

prohibition on

pruning your hedge too much - until September 30th, they can only be trimmed and shaped.

If you still want to start gardening, you should be able to

look forward to


opening of the nurseries

, garden markets and flower shops

in March

- according to Prime Minister Markus Söder, this is planned for at least next month in Bavaria.

Video: Plant nursery openings planned in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

The Corona * lockdown * in Germany is still valid until March 7th

, although it is quite conceivable that Chancellor Angela Merkel and the country leaders will extend it again.



a few things should change

as of March


: While schools in many federal states have already started alternating classes,


should also

be allowed to reopen under strict hygiene rules *

from this date


Corona: Lockdown easing in prospect from March 1st - application for help possible until March 31st

Until March

31, 2021

, German employees still have the option of having a doctor put on sick leave for up to seven calendar days by telephone if they have mild respiratory illnesses or flu symptoms.

Due to the high number of corona infections * and the cold and flu season known for the winter months, the Federal Joint Committee


on this

special regulation of telephone sick leave

on December 3


However, the corona pandemic ultimately affects not only the healthcare system, but also the economy in all its areas thanks to the lockdown measures.

As early as the spring of 2020, various tax aids were decided as an immediate measure, and because the crisis continues, these are now being extended: Companies that are economically severely affected by the corona pandemic can

submit an application to the tax office until March 31, 2021 Set tax deferral


The eased deferrals then run - usually interest-free - until June 30 of this year.

Follow-up deferrals should be possible in a simplified process in connection with an installment payment that lasts up to December 31, 2021 at the latest.

All classic deferrals without installment payment agreements that go beyond June 30, 2021 are possible as usual.

Entrepreneurs can also submit applications for adjustments to the advance payments for income and corporation tax by December 31. 

March 2021: Energy labels for electrical devices should give consumers a better overview

From March 1st, Germany will also be breaking new ground in terms of household appliances and energy efficiency: washing machines, refrigerators and freezers, dishwashers or even televisions - the well-known energy efficiency classes A +, A ++ and A +++ - will no longer exist.

In future, the seals for electronic household appliances will range from A to G, which means that consumers should now more easily see how energy-efficient their appliances really are.

A means

“very energy efficient”

, while G means less environmentally friendly devices.


The well-known energy efficiency classes will be a thing of the past from March 2021 - the system will be significantly stricter.

(Symbol image)

© Panthermedia / imago images

The calculation has been tightened, and now it not only includes more power consumption, but also ease of repair and the rapid availability of spare parts.

As reported by the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations, devices that were previously labeled with the A +++ label will now only be class B or C.

The best class should remain completely vacant for the time being in order to provide the manufacturers with an incentive for new development technologies.

Expansion of the matrix code in March: Deutsche Post is pushing further into the digital age

Deutsche Post

is also converting to innovative development technologies

: it has been possible to digitally track letters with the 80-cent stamp here since February 4, 2021 * - provided there is a so-called

matrix code * on


In March, the digital novelty is to be rolled out to include additional motifs and shipping amounts.

According to Deutsche Post, the new brands, which will all have the matrix code by 2022 at the latest, should make "basic shipment tracking" possible.

As with a parcel, customers should then be able to use the “Post & DHL” app to see when their letter or postcard was processed and sent.

Nevertheless: The registered mail should not be replaced by this - only with this one will still know whether and when the recipient actually received the shipment.


Deutsche Post introduces the new generation of stamps: On February 4, the first stamp with a so-called matrix code appeared next to the actual stamp motif.

This enables shipment tracking and increases security against forgery.

© Arnulf Hettrich / imago images

Gastronomy and trade: “Tamper-proof” POS systems and Google fines


restaurateurs, hairdressers, bakers, butchers

and other


are now to modernize

: As “cash-intensive businesses”, they have


upgrade or upgrade

their electronic cash register systems with a module called

“Technical Security Equipment” (TSE)

by March 31, 2021


Actually, the deadline for the changeover to this “complete and tamper-proof” cash register system would have expired on January 1, 2021 - due to the Corona crisis, however, it was extended by three months in every federal state.

Google wants to implement a “mobile only” strategy - and penalize certain websites

And one more change could affect numerous small and medium-sized companies as of

March 31, 2021

: As an Internet company and search engine,

Google will



its search criteria.

Google is pursuing a

"mobile only" strategy

that could kill many websites.

If websites are not designed for mobile devices, they will either hardly be displayed to users in the search results or not at all from the end of March.

Pictures, videos, addresses and opening times - none of this will then be displayed either.

The US Internet giant is punishing those whose websites are out of date and were originally designed purely for the desktop PC.

For many German companies, however, this type of Internet presence has so far been sufficient, as potential customers could at least find and contact them.

Internet experts are already warning that about every second craft business in Germany could be affected by the drastic restructuring.

While many pages will be hard to find, Google will even remove some from the results list entirely.

You can find out whether you might be affected by the planned penalties yourself by the deadline using the

“Mobile-Friendly Test” from Google

- but then you won't have much time to get your website ready for smartphones and tablets.

2021: Families can still contribute Baukindergeld until the end of March

The countdown has started for construction and willing to buy families yet


want to back up:

Until March 31, 2021

must have you signed the deed for his property or get his building permit.

Here, too, the federal government has extended the period by three months.

Families still have some time for the application itself, which must be submitted no later than six months after moving in, whereby the official confirmation of registration is decisive.

Deadline for applying for grants is 31 December 2023 it says on


Anyone who has at least one child under the age of 18 who moves into the new property is entitled to Baukindergeld: per child you can receive up to 12,000 euros from government funding over a period of ten years.

Video: Change to daylight saving time - and the marmot greets you again

As every year, you can set the clock in March afterwards:

The time change from winter to summer time will take place on March 28th in 2021.

The night is then much shorter, as the clock is set from 2 to 3 o'clock.

The action needs a bit of getting used to each time, because the changeover means it stays dark longer in the morning, but light longer in the evening. Even if the weather in March often does not show all signs of spring, it starts on 1. March from a meteorological point of view and on March 20 from a calendar point of view, when day and night are exactly the same length on this date.

Germany: March as the prelude to the election year 2021

It is still uncertain whether March will really be the herald of spring.

But one thing is already certain: In Germany, it will at least kick off the election year 2021, because


state elections will

take place

on March

14, 2021 in






On April 25th and June 6th, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt will follow suit.

The state elections are mostly watched with tension, as they are considered to be important indicators for the next federal election.

This will take place on September 26, 2021 by order of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

(cos) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital network.

List of rubric lists: © FrankHoermann / SVEN SIMON via

Source: merkur

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