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New study puts forward an unbelievable thesis: Only 13 percent of those infected with corona could develop symptoms at all


A corona infection does not have to be accompanied by complaints. A new study aims to show that only a fraction of those infected show symptoms.

A corona infection does not have to be accompanied by complaints.

A new study aims to show that only a fraction of those infected show symptoms.

If coronaviruses penetrate the body through the mouth or nose, the disease must inevitably occur: many assume that it is.

However, Covid-19 does not always lead to typical symptoms such as cough, loss of smell and taste * or, in severe cases, to shortness of breath or thrombosis.

There are also patients who are unaware of their illness - and quite a few of them, if you believe a US study.

Scientists Rahul Subramanian, Qixin He and Mercedes Pascual from the University of Chicago came to the conclusion

that only about 13 to 18 percent of Covid-19 patients show symptoms at all.

For their study, the three scientists incorporated various factors into a model calculation: including antibody tests that were carried out in New York City from March to April 2020, the Covid-19 cases reported in the period from March to June and the changes in test capacities within them Time.

After evaluating and extrapolating the data, the researchers came to the conclusion that only 13 to 18 percent of corona patients suffered from symptoms such as fever and cough


As Business Insider further reported, only one in five or one in seven sufferers would have symptoms at all.

In the Business Insider interview, study author Rahul Subramanian said: "There are a large number of people with asymptomatic disease courses - much more than is assumed in many studies."

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Corona infected people could infect up to four people - and be responsible for up to 50 percent of virus transmissions

How many corona infections are symptom-free has not been conclusively clarified.

But many scientists assume that it could be a high number.

According to Business Insider, the US health authority “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” estimates

that around 40 percent of Covid-19 diseases are symptom-free


The number of asymptomatic disease courses has an enormous influence on the spread of the pandemic, according to the study authors from Chicago.

In their publication, they write: “Using an epidemiological model that includes testing capacity, we show that many infections are asymptomatic, but overall contribute significantly to community transmission.

Their individual transferability remains uncertain.

If they transmit as well as symptomatic infections, the pandemic can spread faster than current models often assume.

If this is not the case, then each symptomatic case produces, on average, a higher number of secondary infections than is typically assumed ”.

The model calculation also allowed the US researchers to make estimates regarding the spread of Covid-19.

According to Subramanian, one possible scenario is that an asymptomatic patient could infect three to four other people.

The model also shows the possibility that symptomatic patients could have a reproductive score of four to eight.

Subramanian also calculated a scenario in which non-symptomatic infections are responsible for at least 50 percent of virus transmissions, according to Business Insider



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