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Vegan minced meat in the eco test: only four get a "good" rating


The vegetarian and vegan diet is gaining more and more supporters. This is why vegan substitute products are also becoming more popular. But not all of them convince in the eco test.

The vegetarian and vegan diet is gaining more and more supporters.

This is why vegan substitute products are also becoming more popular.

But not all of them convince in the eco test.

Vegan substitutes

are no longer a food that can only be found in health food stores or organic supermarkets.

From the meat and sausage manufacturer Rügenwalder Mühle to discounters such as Lidl, Aldi and Penny, many companies and brands have jumped on the veggie trend.


minced meat in


is a good option for vegetarians and vegans not to have to do without typical meat dishes such as burgers, Bolognese or chili con carne *.

Ökotest checks 20 veggie hack products

In its March issue, Ökotest took a close

look at

20 meat substitute products


Terrifying result:

only four of them are recommended with the grade “good”


The top grade “very good” is not achieved by any substitute product.

About a third of the veggie hack fails with a grade of “poor” or “unsatisfactory”.

Many products are



mineral oil

, contain controversial additives or too much salt.

There has also been criticism for the use of artificial and natural flavors in many vegan minced meats.

According to the Ökotest, these are superfluous.

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It spoils the taste.

Vegan hack in the Ökotest: Many products contaminated with mineral oil

More precisely, the testing laboratory found

saturated mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOSH)


These can accumulate in human adipose tissue and the liver.

As Ökotest reports, organ damage by MOSH was found in animal experiments.

The consequences of ingestion for the human body have not yet been clarified.

In four cases, the mineral oil content in the veggie mince was even “greatly increased”, which is why

the Ökotest assessment




Including products from well-known brands such as Aldi Nord and Süd as well as Edeka.

The question that remains is how the mineral oil components get into the meat substitute.

One possible explanation is the use of the raw material coconut oil, which according to the Ökotest, like other edible oils, is often contaminated with mineral oil hydrocarbons.

Another assumption is that lubricating oils are used in production.

These are the losers in the eco test:



Average retail price


Aldi North / Aldi South

My Veggie Tag The Wonder Hack

2.15 euros per 200 g


Just the best for you

In the footsteps of nature, minced veggies

3.88 euros per 200 g



Viana 1/2 pound Veggie Hack Spicy

2.95 euros per 200 g



Food for Future Vegan Hack

2.49 euros per 275 g



Green Cuisine Vegetarian Hack

3.99 euros per 230 g



No Meat Just Hack, vegan hack

2.99 euros per 275 g


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Vegan minced meat at Ökotest: These are the test winners

In terms of taste, the testers hardly had anything to complain about.


substitute products are based on different bases, such as soy, tofu, mushrooms or cereals

, each of which has different taste notes and different mouthfeels.

The products are also rated positively because they contain a lot of vegetable protein, which contributes to a healthy diet.

The herbal substitutes also contain fiber, which keeps the intestinal flora healthy.

Noticeable: The fat content fluctuates extremely depending on the product: It ranges from 1.5 to 18 grams of fat per 100 grams of veggie mince.

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All four test winners with the grade "good" are organic products:

  • "Like Meat Like Hack from Soy" by Like Meat (3.32 euros / 200 g)

  • "Tofu Hack" by Lord Tofu (3.01 euros / 200 g)

  • "Quality Organic Tofu-Hack" from Real (2.21 euros / 200 g)

  • "Premium Seitan Veggie Hack" from Beryn (5 euros / 200 g)

Source: Ökotest (complete results behind the payment barrier)

(mad) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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How healthy do vegetarians and vegans live?

How healthy do vegetarians and vegans live?

List of rubric lists: © MANUEL GEISSER via

Source: merkur

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