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Creating and maintaining a fruit and vegetable garden: this can be done as early as March


The desire to work in the garden increases with the first rays of sunshine. In March, for example, you can prepare the fruit and vegetable garden.

The desire to work in the garden increases with the first rays of sunshine.

In March, for example, you can prepare the fruit and vegetable garden.

The sun is shining brightly and the days are getting longer again.

March is the month in which many hobby gardeners clean up their garden and make initial preparations *.

This also includes the creation and maintenance of the fruit and vegetable garden.

In both cases, optimal soil preparation is important for a good harvest.

Since it can still get cold in March, new plantings should be protected from frost by a tarpaulin.

Creating and maintaining a vegetable garden: How to proceed

When it comes to

ideal soil preparation

in the vegetable garden, the portal

Das Haus


treating the soil as soon as the weather is frost-free and dry.

Then the


can be

loosened and cleared of weeds


Some varieties can be sown directly in the garden as early as March.

These include, for example, carrots, onions or Swiss chard.

To protect them from late frosts, you should protect them with a tarpaulin or fleece (promotional link).

In addition, lettuce, onion sets, kohlrabi and garlic can be put in the ground.

If you want to protect the beds with a tarpaulin or something else, you should provide fresh air under the tarpaulin at regular intervals.

It is advisable to ventilate the beds for one to two hours a day, especially on sunny days.

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Orchard in March: what to watch out for

Gooseberries and currants can be planted as early as March.

The house


that you should pay attention


bare-root balls

when buying


So that the plants can grow optimally, you should shorten the roots a little and cut back the above-ground shoots.

In order

to allow

plenty of light

to penetrate

the fruit

in the middle

, it is best to only leave a few main shoots.

You can also align the branches at the beginning of the gardening season.

This is particularly useful when young fruit trees have not borne fruit for a longer period of time.

In this case, does not recommend

the house

to which to

compensate for steep Aststellung


For example, the branches can be tied down with a rope.

Because the fruit wood can develop better in the horizontal position, it is worth keeping this position for at least a year.

Last but not least, the time in March should also be used

to protect


fruit trees from pests


In order to ward off scab fungus, for example, it is worth taking an early spray against it.

Infestation by creeping pests can also be prevented as early as March.

For this purpose, glue rings are attached tightly to the tree trunk at a height of about one meter.

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Roses and potted plants: this is how the blossoms succeed

As soon as the temperatures rise, the first blossoms of flowers planted in autumn appear.

From now on it is important to dispose of the withered stems and to ensure

regular watering


In addition to the flowers in the garden, you can now also arrange and prepare the flowers on the balcony and terrace.

The following applies to the roses: They can be planted as early as March, provided that the ground is no longer frozen.

Roses do




, so water them wisely.

(swa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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Back-friendly gardening in the raised bed

Back-friendly gardening in the raised bed

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